Yeah because all people who own guns are TERRIBLE dog owners.

Really? That is just a very sad generalization.
Lol, in the Venn Diagram of life, the two circles of responsible gun owners and responsible pitt bull owners, never the 2 shall meet. No overlap, none. Sure, Charles.
*Ahem*. Charles, don't you know that trolling is supposed to be done in the comments section?
As a mindless bigot, it's equally hard for me to believe that black people could raise dogs to be peaceful and social too, so I totally see where you're coming from.
You know, I'll bet most dog-owning gun-using robots don't have this problem.
Charles, I think you'd be stunned at the numbers and kinds of people who own guns in this country. Merely owning a shotgun would have little to do with the temperament of an owner's dog. Ever heard of a golden retriever? Ever met one? Now, if they'd specified "Glock" or something, you'd have an argument.
it is Schrödinger's pit bull now.
wow.... someone not like gun owners much?
Merde only thinks guns are ok when they area used to murder white farmers in his Rhodesian homeland.
I appreciate the clarification, Charles. Thank you.

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