damn white peeople are ugly
Yakima: the starting point of turnip trucks.
Old people is old.
For a start, let's end Socialist agricultural subsidies, so Yakima can finally live without relentless government interference. Snippet from a recent article from the Yakima Herald regarding the collapsing dairy industry:

"If the cows are not productive, there's nobody holding the market up," he said.

It's a scenario that has some dairymen worried about financing. Some fear that lenders will back away from dairies entirely, and are bracing to receive notices from their banks.

Gordon said the Dairy Federation is now exploring possible emergency funding options from the federal government in case that happens.

"We're heading back to (Washington) D.C. at the end of the month to talk to folks back there about what programs are available in times of crisis," he said.
Most people are ugly, these people are stupid. It's really sad, I think most people are stupid too.
Nice to know that guy is against whatever belongs to the he/she/it named TAX.
So... Yakima public schools are too poor to teach the correct use of apostrophes and capitalization?
The trend continues-- many of the Teabagger's seem to very dependent (Social Security, Disability, Medicare, etc) from the very government they are fighting. Or that is what I gatherfrom the pictures.
A good deal of these signs are not embarrassing.
Nice to know that guy is against whatever belongs to the he/she/it named TAX.
Is that a magic-marker yarmulke on Patty Murray?
Oops on the dupe post
The guy in the snow suit with the flag stuffed down his crotch and his hat hanging on the flag pole? That's not allowed in the US Flag Code. Just saying.

And the dude next to him needs to be told that you stuff the flag into the left pocket of the seat of your pants. Old Glory goes on the left side, buddy.

No TAX'S is just perfecto though. Perfecto, guy.
Re: "TAX'S"

Apostrophes are used to denote missing letters.

and fyi, the 16th amendment was ratified by 42 of the existing 48 states, far more than the 36 needed.

Morons, every last one of them
But what about Poland?
"The few, the pissed, the taxpayers."
Okay, where do I begin? You guys are the few; taxpayers overall are actually many. And since you're relatively few, who gives a rat's ass about your hypocritical and uninformed whining?

@14: Yes, but do these Real Americans know that? Also, who replaces one single letter with an apostrophe?

@15: That was what caught my attention too. Not to mention, Washington state was the 13th out of 42 overall to ratify it, too, so who knows what he's thinking.
Why pay taxes when they can just print money? What does that mean? Isn't she against taxes?
@15: Wikipedia is socialist.
Please forgive me for being ignorant, but American politics has never been my strong point...
Can someone explain to me in layman's terms what this whole tea party/"tea bagger" movement thing is about?
Dag, I thought this was going to be about a YAZUKA tea party.
@4 for the maximum possible win. Without massive government subsidies all the people in these photos would starve and their communities would shrivel up and blow away. They look like they're all on Medicare and Social Security too.

WE subsidize THEM.

Nice head of hair on the crazy woman in the chair.
Hah! You went to that Tea Party rally hoping you'd find some racist or crazy signs...AND THERE WEREN'T ANY!!!

That's because tea party patriots are actually well informed and articulate and a clear threat to the socialist regime of Barack Hussein Obama. Your continual mocking of them only betrays your fear of them.

And these tea party patriots are what will sweep the Marxists out of Congress in November!

I predict a pickup of 60-70 seats in the House and at least 20 in the Senate by freedom loving hard traditionalists.
Yeah you bitch, just print more money. Look how that worked out for the Wiemar Republic!
@25 so.... she's serious about printing money and even more stupid than i gave her credit for?
@26, Oh yeah, she's serious.
@21 - it's a reference to a protest from pre-Revolution America wherein tea (subject to British tax law that we never got a vote on) was dumped in Boston Harbor, the event was thereafter called the Boston Tea Party. Modern protesters have appropriated the Tea Party moniker, probably because they think "Taxed Enough Already" is a clever acronym.

The term "teabagger" came from another idea they thought clever, mailing bags of tea to their congresspeople.

The movement as a whole is kind of a catch-all for... well, you can see the photos.
gatherings like these are reparative therapy for caucasians.
@24: best Lord Basil impression this week!

these people are a demographic dead end and simply a RW harassment technique to keep the liberals irritated and distracted. stop paying attention to them and wasting time responding to their ignorance.
Impeach Obama! He's not white!
meet your new overlords
Cranky old white people don't like be discriminatin' against.
I want whatever Lord Basil @ 24 is smoking. By the content of his post, is must be some really good shit.
I think it's a mistake to characterize all tea-party sympathizers as being categorically opposed to all government assistance. As we have seen again and again, many of these people are themselves recipients of Social Security, Medicare and other forms of the "Socialism" they claim to oppose.

What they are opposed to is other people receiving assistance. For many, it's a simple zero-sum game outlook: More for them = less for me.
Lord Basil: There aren't even 20 D seats in the Senate up for election this year, let alone vulnerable ones, so good luck with that?
My question is: How many Teabaggers voted for Obama? They should be in a minority yet. However, they are enthusiastic and will vote in November. We who are hopey-changey need to work hard to beat them again.
What Fnarf (as usual) @23 and Proteus @35 said. I am tempted to attend the next Tea Party rally with signs protesting Department of Agriculture subsidies, Army Corps dams, Bureau of Reclamation subsidized water, Federal Highway Administration subsidized highways and Bonneville Power Administration subsidized electricity. And for good measure, supporting jail terms for employers of undocumented immigrants. Really, their entire way of life is made possible by the federal government, starting from the Army conquest of the aboriginal tribes and continuing to subsidized mail delivery, agricultural price supports, federal flood control projects, an immigration policy that supplies compliant farm workers deprived of all rights and (above all for agricultural areas) cheap oil for farming and transportation made possible by a massive military. Completely off the grid and off the federal teat, these soft fat idiots wouldn't last 24 hours.
@24: Lord Basil, you sound hungry. Go eat a bag of Dick's.
@24:"Hah! You went to that Tea Party rally hoping you'd find some racist or crazy signs...AND THERE WEREN'T ANY!!!"

Hahaha. Basil's message here seems to be: when there's not racism at Tea Parties, now that's news. Crazy signs, it appears, there definitely were. Looks like they found more than enough crazy signs touted by socialized, government-run healthcare recipients in lawn chairs.

And keep up you're overestimating your own political strength there, Basil. It's workin' for us. The Republicans' sky-high expectations and overconfidence have been causing them to make arrogant and ridiculous mistakes all year, no reason to stop now...

PS. I went down last night to get a drink at Tax's Tavern. Tax's is always a good time.
For the record, there are plenty of old people who think these people are idiots. We old socialists are on Social Security and Medicare also and damned glad of it. In case you younger people hadn't noticed it, your paychecks have Social Security deductions, so you're helping to pay for what YOU will get if you live that long, unless these idiots succeed in electing people who scuttle Social Security. And they may very well do that.

Tea Partiers are stupid. That's really the only thing they have in common, and they have that in common with other groups of stupid people, many of whom are quite young.

And no, the apostrophe isn't a place-holder for absent letters. If you have the space to write "tax's", you have the space to write "taxes". That's stupid also.
Just what I suspected, a bunch of old stupid, racist, we-got-ours-screw-you, white farts.

(And I say that as an old whitey myself.)
See bonus track 20.

@38: I'd definitely do that, except I'm pretty damn far away from any centers of Teabagger activism here in Chicago.
wow, @38, quite a nice rant! the hypocrisy stinks.
@42: As far as I can tell, this particular batch of government-run, socialized medicine recipients (and others) wasn't particularly racist. They were clearly stupid, white, and "we-got-ours-screw-you," though. They may have been racist too, we just can't tell from any of these pictures.
Despite the poll this week that said that the teabagger demographic drew from a broad cross section of ages and races, all I see is old, white people.
Imagine that - they're all white, and judging by some of the misspelled signs, some are poorly educated as well. Probably too good to join those "liberal elites" at a college, meanwhile forgetting that their idol Sarah Palin attended not just one, but 4 colleges! Looking at these fine examples of what's wrong with America these days.....I'd much rather be a socialist than a fucking racist like these ass-wipes. And I'd sure as hell rather read Slog than listen to/watch Glenn Beck, alcoholic-pseudo -Mormon and racist/sexist/psychotic freak.

Sad to see the guy with the VFW hat who probably doesn't realize he has Patty Murray to thank for the VA hospital renovation and expansion in Walla Walla, when the Bush admin wanted to close it down.
Was there anyone there under the age of 55? I mean, really, old people vote, but not forever.
Are there any other kind of people in Washington?
How many of the posters on this thread are WHITE?
You know they are racist, because, they are white?
What race are you?
@51: I don't think these ones are racist. I can't tell that they're not, but nothing their signs says suggests that they are. Many teabaggers' fears are obviously rooted in racism, and it's not totally unreasonable for a person to generalize from this larger appreciation of their context. (People make generalizations all the time, for instance: you're generalizing that we're white from our likelihood of being in Washington, a likelihood which is based on the generalization that Washingtonians read the Stranger.)

I'd rather not generalize that these ones are racist though, because these teabaggers/beneficiaries of socialism don't appear suggest that as much to me, and I know so little about their message.

Being white doesn't necessarily make you racist (well, this is highly debatable in academia, now that I think about it, but anyway). Being white also does it make you unqualified to identify racism.

You can also be racist and be able to identify racism. If you were, you might be a hypocrite; but your hypocritical status wouldn't make the person identified as racist suddenly "not racist." They would remain be racist too.

...That's probably hard for you to understand though. I know. 8th-grade Rhetoric is HARD.
@11: Good catch. I am looking more closely at that photo and others, and will do another post later on the subject.

@52 et al: Stay tuned. There is some video coming that you will find interesting.
Nice day for a Sounders open thread, too -- game is underway here. Er, there.
I find it sad that people like the guy holding the "Glenn Beck in 2012" sign clearly don't read:…

dude only cares about money and ratings. he's just profiting off your stupidity and he basically admits it.
I wouldn't let these teabaggers suck my balls.
@38 Please please please do!
I think Mr. Potato Head in pic #3 is wearing a denim shirt that says "Margaritaville", perhaps? Margarita-something.

Also: striped pants on the tragically inept Uncle Sam in photo #1, and the hott minx behind him in the eagle t-shirt and headband-muffler thingie.

Is Comfort World the only shop still open in all of downtown Yakima?

Fascinating people. I feel like I'm looking at a National Geographic special about the Bushmen of the Kalahari or something.
@51: They seem to like Glenn Beck. Case closed.

something against an old ball sucker - keep your eyes shut

ball sucking - the real deal - is a learned art - wherin the sucker is just interested in how much pleasure he/she can give the guy with the balls

young guys are interested their own fast come - don't take the time to achieve white hot pain/plesure frenzy stuff

Just thought I would break the pace a bit here.

remember it is Yakima - no surprise - home of right wing politics for many a day

If only there WERE some way for people to choose to stop paying taxes at the expense of all of the benefits they apparently don't realize they receive. Maybe a new special wild-west territory-tea partia. A chunk of one of the square states perhaps. I'd kind of like to see some folks really truly give it a go.
Remember- without the very cheap wages and really hard work of Mexican labor - the whole place would dry up and blow away.

The biggest subsidy of all ... human toil from the under class.

Fact.. Used to live nearby. Very racist place. Mexican/Hispanic labor very exploited.
Tyrone Marshall just scored, 2-1 Sounders.
How did a bunch of people from around here end up in Yakima? Wow.
The worst liberal will waste your time & annoy you. The worst conservative will kill you & expect a medal for it.

That is the primal difference between the two.
My question is: How many Teabaggers voted for Obama?

You may as well ask what proportion of the Earth is composed of anti-matter.
I see a few over-65's in those pictures. I wonder how many of them take the socialist Medicare and SS benefits. But, since they are so ignorant, they don't realize they are receiving these "socialist" benefits.
@41 don't won't couldn't she's etc…

Nonetheless, I think they are stooopid and aren't aware such a rule. The "no taxes" concept makes me wonder how their view of a country has services paid for.
@65: It's called "Descendants of the Confederacy Exiles"
Enumclaw Eli isn't known as a shoe-leather reporter; he much prefers to stay in the office.

So what is he doing in Yakima? His reports from Yakima are a pretext. As a "horseman," Enumclaw Eli is visiting a local horse ranch.
The Difference Between Liberals & Conservatives #1,362:

"Conservatives won't bat an eyelash at the prospect of their government spending hundreds of billions of dollars to bomb the hell out of a country half-way around the world, the name of which they can't even pronounce, but will organize a protest at the drop of a hat if that same government proposes to spend a single dime on providing its own citizens (excluding themselves of course) with decent health care."

SLOG Reporting:

Take a bunch of pictures of what seem like some harmless people in front of folding tables.

Don't interview them or ask what they think.

Oh, and it just occurred to me: 40 years ago, these same folks had a term for people who marched around with home-made signs opposing government policies.

Dirty, filthy, commie-pinko hippies.

I think we should bring that term back into common usage...
these pictures prove the need for death panels in the US...
Which Stranger writer visited Alaska and concluded the people who hate the government most are the people most dependant on it?

I used to hate my mommy and daddy back when they provided my shelter, food, means of transportation, etc... Now that I buy my own stuff, I see mom and dad aren't so bad after all.

My point: Of course the people most dependant on government subsidies are the most vocal about government subsidies. Why the heck would a bunch of 30-year old wage earners get worked up over social security and Medicare / Medicaid?

Based on the signs in these photos, as well as every interview with a tea-bagger I'VE ever seen, I think we are all quite aware of what these people think already.

All of which leads me to believe that thinking isn't really these people's strong-suits to begin with...

Let's run this thru the Liberal Bullshit Translator, gang!

@79: This from the side of the aisle that thought that Saddam Hussein had WMDs...
The signs are kind of self-explanatory.
Damn, look at all the closed businesses in the background. Doesn't look like a thriving town.
I'm sure half of the protesters will be heading down to the bank sometime this month to deposit their checks from the gov't.
@62: A serious question for you, since you've lived there: what percentage of the Mexican labor force supporting Yakima's economy is in the country illegally? The teabaggers are among the most ardent supporters of a vigorous crackdown on illegal immigrants; It's my belief that such a crackdown would spell the end of Washington agriculture as we know it. It would mean the death of towns like Yakima, Wenatchee, etc.
no no junior.
This from the side of the aisle that Convinced you Libs (and the Frenchies) that Saddam Hussein had WMDs...
we were already onboard and gungho to invade Iraq
@83: Glad to see you acknowledge that the Republican Party gets shit done by convincing people of the most ridiculous lies. However, this here liberal (and a hell of a lot of others) never was taken in.
Also, you're misspelling "Padawan".
@84 Don't you know that Sarah Palin and the 9/12 project are coming to the Rosemont in May? I'm in Chicago too, let's figure out a way to welcome her to town.
@85: I cannot believe that people are paying $90 and up to listen to her talk. They should at least be guaranteed a refund if she reads off her hand during the night.
too bad the Democraps in the Senate
(and Doorknob Danny)
weren't as clever as you.
you were, what?- 12 years old?...
Maybe TAX'S is a poetic elision or syncope, to make the meter work better. Shakespeare did it all the time.
I think you've just hit on the GOP's 2010 campaign slogan @87:

"Vote Republican. We can't fool a 12 year-old, but we can sure fool you!"
@84, 87: Haha, is there actually an argument on this board that the Republicans are to be admired for lying the entire country into war? Good lord, that's stupid.

I'm sure there is someone that thinks it's really hilarious the idiot Democrats fell for the Republicans' whole "WMDs" lie. Yep, real clever prank there. Man, the Dems got PUNK'D!

But I'm sure that there's someone - whose loved ones died in Iraq - that disagrees.

Politics is serious business. It's not for children who think it's funny to make up lies and exaggerations in order to "trick" the other side.
Thats it. I'm never going to Yakima.

A telling sign of how gullible and out of touch with reality these people are is the one held by an old man that said, "16th AMEND. NOT RATIFIED BY STATES." (Probably someone educated at Glenn Beck University.)

Here's some reality: There were 48 states at the time. On Feb 3, 1913, Delaware became the 36th state to ratify the 16th Amendment, fulfilling the Constitutional requirement of 3/4 of all states. Six more states subsequently ratifed the amendment, bringing the total to 42 out of 48. Only 3 states actually rejected the amendment (the 3 remaing states never brought it up for consideration).

Some people--unfortunately, all too many people--will believe anything.

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