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I'm in love.
And a top hat over the driver's side windshield...i hope the driver is permanently leaning out the window tipping his hat so he can see where he's going...
Yeah, what's up with that hat? Otherwise, very cool.
It's like Chevy meets the Monopoly guy.
I saw this guy the other day. I assume that when he drives it he somehow moves the hat up to the roof of the car.
My kids (6 & 4) saw this truck and laughed and laughed and laughed. Thanks, crazy neighbor.
This truck hasn't moved from this parking spot in years and years. It's a permanent fixture in the neighborhood. Most of the time it's barely visible because the bush to the right grows over it. About once a year it gets trimmed back. When I saw this last week, I laughed and smiled and instantly fell in love with whoever did it. (I really don't think it was the owner who did this - nice guy, but I just can't see him doing this.)
It looks like Mr. Peanut has put on a few pounds, since his days as an ad model.
s'funny, I walk by this truck nearly every day and as a result I've pretty much tuned it out from my general visual awareness. So, it's nice to see (!) other people taking notice of it.
And I've always assumed it was modeled after Rich Uncle Pennybags as well @5, and not Mr. Peanut, since I can't recall the latter ever sporting a soup-strainer.
Porsches (and Eclipses) have bras, duallies have TruckNutz, so what's a poor honest broken-down old workhorse to do but assume a little shabby gentility?
Oh... I did that.

The truck hasn't moved in ages, the tires are flat, and I was sick of looking at it.

Here's a few more pictures:…
The Carstache! Now I can get on too

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