I had no idea who you were talking about until I saw that image. YES.

I see her periodically at various hippie events around, and all I can think about are her breasts and fleshy tallness.

I'll be sure to wear my Bill Bored t-shirt, and have my "Who Killed Kurt Cobain" fanzine, along with my Spud Goodman spatula.
Her show was still on in the early 2000's at least until 2003 when I was doing a show with some friends at that station. She was even a guest on our show. She was pretty nice.
fuckin' eh. I remember her!
I had both the pleasure of happening by her trippy show on cable access and having her model for my drawing class. The 15 who said "no" must be the whippersnappers you enslave as interns/human footstools?
A clothed Goddess Kring is like a BLT w/o the bread. It's just not the same.
That was back before TIVO and the explosion of cable channels when people would surf over Public Access more often.
imo, she is actually a very good/reliable life model, pleasant and professional. the haters have other issues, but thats sorta just how they roll.
May the next survey you do be: Reverend Bruce Howard
When I moved from suburban Georgia to Seattle in the late 90s, the Goddess Kring blew my mind.
I hadn't heard of her before.

Mmm, nice visuals: sepia tone followed by Warholesque screenprint coloration. She sounds like a nice mellow chick, eccentric, but I like that. I also like that the last 30 seconds sound as if they come from an album by the progster band Gong. Now, where'd I put those sandlewood incense sticks?
Reverend Bruce Howard is the best!!!!…
Late 90s Seattle cable access was pretty rad: Goddess Kring, the Courtney Killed Kurt guy, and the inimitable Bong Hit Championships.

However, GK with her clothes on is vastly disturbing.
Ugh I had the misfortune of having her model for a drawing or painting class (can't remember which) I was in at SCCC many years ago. All I could see were the rolls... The hideous, hideous rolls.
She looks like she has dropped a few pounds - odd for someone who was so staunchly unapologetic for her weight. I'm thinking the person blowing the horn in the video is wanting some curbside chakra therapy.
Sorry about the previous bad link…
What @6 said. Nudity is essential for the full Kring experience.

I still have a set of "Handy & Bandy" eyes around somewhere.

As for you Mr. Schmader, I must now go find my bottle of brain-bleach...
Dave - a while back you mentioned doing an art show displaying sketches people have done of the Goddess Kring in life drawing classes over the years. I love that idea - I hope you'll make it happen someday, and I have sketches to contribute!

BTW is it me or does she seem unusually sane in this clip..?
I miss the Reverend Bruce Howard. Does anyone know whatever happened to him?
blasts from the past are always invited. thank you!
Ah yes...90's public access in seattle. I miss the days when the "Mike Hunt" show would cause controversy, and the papers would publish his name, totally unaware of why this guy called himself "Mike Hunt."
She's a good model and she's pretty bold and definitely authentic and herself. I like her hand-painted sneakers, too.
She's awesome
I definitely remember surfing over to Kring when I first moved down here from AK. Mike Hunt was an added bonus.
@14 is right.
What made him so scary was the people who stood behind him and leered into the camera while he screamed about "PAAAIN" and "LOVVVE".
There is a dire need for a Goddess Kring Facebook Fan Page.

Also, KURT COBAIN WAS MURDERED. Ahem. Thank you.
I only had cable tv for a short time in Seattle (and it was just Basic Cable), but I'm glad I got to watch many great cable access shows:

All U Can Stomach
Handy & Bandy
The Goddess Kring
Mike Hunt
Richard Lee
Deface the Nation

And then YouTube was born and now we have Justin Bieber.

The End.

Oh, I remember that annoying bitch on LiveJournal. Her tits were never that spectacular.
We need way more usage of "eYE" and "aRt" in here for this to be a proper Kring discussion.

(Though the commenter above me got close!)

I remember a time, nearly a decade ago, that my friend wrestled her to the ground with a cardboard box on his head at a party she crashed. She left after that.

I also still totally have my "Issaquah - Epicenter of Rap" Afronaut t-shirt. And somewhere in a box in storage I have tapes with a bunch of old Rev Bruce Howard episodes on them. I should dig those out and see if they still play at some point.
The Mike hunt show and Goddess Kring always had those 'what the fu...' moments when you were surfing around late at night.
Why is she missing an eye brow?
Oh, just not well lit, nevermind.
Other gems:
Duck Butter

I kind of miss Richard Lee when I turn on SCAN and see Von Hummer on there.
As a teenager I'd always turn to public access late at night hoping to find some porn... the disappointment was deep when Goddess Kring appeared on the screen.
Wow, that's amazing, I just saw her last at night at 911's Open Screening. She looked like she is doing fine. I remember doing a bodypainting photo shoot with her 15 years ago. Glad to see she's still hanging in there and that some folks remember her.
Anyone remember Gavin's Howse?
Jerkbeast can currently be found fucking with people on chat roulette or what ever that is called. Google Jerkbeast+chat roulette.
@40 That is awesome.
Someone asked if Kring was still on public access. Yep, every Monday night, 11:30 p.m. as of June 2010.

(Whatever happened to Richard "Kurt Cobain Was Murdered" Lee? He shoulda gotten a section of the Kurt/Warhol exhibit at SAM.)
Update on Shannon Kringen: she spent five years actively nagging LiveJournal to censor a comedy journal that was loosely based on her (kannonshrigen) and some other artists. She finally succeeded this month claiming the journal was "impersonation" despite everyone knowing this was not the case.

Kringen was charged with harassing another female artist a few years ago (King County Superior Court, 08-2-01357-0).

Makes her claims of supporting freedom for artists (or aRtists as she says) a little dicey.
Oh, Shannon. She does realize Narcissus was a tragic character, right? And not a hero?
public access is the only reason i had favorites....political playhouse.....deface the nation....goddess kring.....rev bruce howard....bong hit championships....thc tv....and the hour of white power,where else but on public access could that rock get overturned for public tub meeting got lots of airplay out of the obsenity issue....i recorded alot of political playhouse..dtn...thc tv.....and this-n-that...glad i did...lately i got rid of cable, bought a computer, glad i did that too.....just a thought...
There's gonna be a movie about her playing at Bumbershoot called Typecast Dragon.
i've often pondered why the city of seattle quit funding public access? did any of the politicians who were lampooned by the political playhouse crew have a hand in closing the doors.... a little too much freedom? my eternal thanks to all who dared to confront and question the dominator life is richer because of all your creativity....
Oddly enough, I referenced her today and was answered with silence. I decided to google her, wondering if I had the name wrong and I found his article. I can't believe I used to watch public access tv, but I remember being mystified by the painted train wreck on the tube. I couldn't turn away.
@repeater @32 Do you still have those Rev Bruce Howard tapes? Please contact me at

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