Housing in Portland is all the single family units surrounding this habitrail for hippies should be a far better bargain.

Yet more proof (as if any was needed) that bicycle riders are extraordinary people with superior ideas. I thank Jah every day that I was not born a car driver.
um, I hate to point this out, but just about everywhere else in the world having space for parking 60 bikes outside an apartment building is the norm.
If it's any consolation the project was designed by the Seattle-based firm, Schemata Workshop. You can read my recent story about their planned cohousing project on Capitol Hill here:…

I'm not sure if it will be specifically bike-oriented but it won't include any parking. That is certainly a huge step.
I get Portland envy whenever I want to go to a number of fabulous cool vintage/junk stores, or when I want to go to second run cinemas and not schlep all the way out to fuckin' 125th Street, or when I want to see full-frontal strippers, or when I want to ride some cool mass transit, or hang out in neighborhoods where there is cool, smart city-planning and not a hodgepodge of ugly, inappropriate, developer knows best crap buildings...
Indeeeeed, Michael.

You should have P-envy more often, Cienna, if you're being honest with yourself.
Like a bike ghetto! Yay! What a great idea. Keep all the assholes in one place so the rest of us can avoid them and have safe, non-bike infested sidewalks and cross the street in peace!

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