Return to the Nexus of Art and Nature


When is there not a nexus of art and nature? :)
I think that this is the coolest thing you have ever posted.
Wait, I assumed this was a Jen Graves post. It's not.Your posts are consistently interesting. I guess that makes this the coolest post Jen Graves never posted. Or something.
I wonder if Jason deCaires Taylor has read Love and Rockets?

Really beautiful stuff, thanks for posting it.
I've seen the Grenada sculpture (pictured) live & in person. It's surreal...beautiful...haunting, located as it is in a country which is keenly aware and proudly defiant of its history as a slave nation. It is a part of an underwater sculpture park near the capitol of St. George's. Every dive shop on the island has a trip to this feature.

You should go (all of you). Grenada is beautiful, unspoiled & friendly.