Blaming the Lithe, Limber Victims


Blaming the victim seems to be a favorite game among the powerful. But you know, I think it's less that they like to "blame the victim," and more that they like to "play the victim."

When you play the victim, the real victim becomes the perpetrator of your artificial victimization. So there ya go...
Funnily enough (I guess), Cardinal Bertone took his name from Saint Tarcisius, a lithe, limber, pre-pubescent staple of hearts-afire Catholic religio-porn used to enthrall little Catholics with visions of dying for their beloved church. He is the patron saint of altar boys and first-communicants, and doubtless prowls the dreams of many sexually immature clerics.
Are there any psychological studies at all that support your conclusion that there is a connection between pedophilia and the "unnatural" life of a celibate?
@3: I'm not sure. But there definitely should be, given the sheer amount of pedophilia that's gone on among the "celibate."

It'd be nice to know if all this pedophilia perpetrated by the Catholic Church is more-frequent-than-average. I wouldn't really be too surprised either way.
I'd really just point to the fact that pedophiles are attracted to positions which mask or even enable their sexual preference. That's why you find so many in schools (bus drivers, teachers, etc.) or living near schools. No one blames grading papers for turning teachers into pedophiles. It's a psychological thing--and, I would imagine, as hardwired as any other sexual preference. Deny me sex for the rest of my life, and I'll still crave the full-size cock--no matter how many petulant, limber children parade in front of me.
Celibate priesthood is so convenient--no one asks why you don't have a girlfriend, and you get some one-on-one time with the kiddies. It's a matter of it being a magnet for pedophilia, not an instigator.
Blaming the NY Times is just a slightly sneakier way to "blame the Jews".
@5 - well said.
"the Catholics have also fingered Satan"
The Onion already beat them to it 8 years ago:…
They been fingerin' more than Say-tan...
@10: They got tofu too?
What will it take to get the Church to acknowledge that the real stain on the organization is the systematic coverup of the incidents of rape, paying off and/or bullying the victims into silence, and the redeployment of the offenders into new communities where they could prey on fresh unsuspecting populaces? That has nothing whatsover to do with the sexual orientation of the offenders, and it has nothing to do with a few bad apples. It is about the organization as a whole making it official policy to cover up a pattern of crime and enable the offenders to reoffend.
@12 FTW.
@12: Thug.
The crisis in the Catholic Church has nothing to do with pedophilia. Lots of people and organizations have problems with pedophilia. The crisis in the Catholic Church is about a conspiracy to cover up.

Richard Nixon did not resign the presidency because of some two-bit burglary.
Er, @12, in other words.
@5 - I used to think this was all it was, too...but the way the Catholic church has been handling this shows that they've been exploiting the cycle of abuse as a way of keeping the priesthood alive.

"though there certainly is a connection between pedophilia and homosexuality"

I think I read/heard somewhere that 90% of all children that were raped were girls...
Anyone know any source for more info on this?