Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father


Our planet just hit seven billion last week. Maybe we're still underpopulated.
natural selection works in the cruelest of ways. poor kid. at least this fucking animal won't be knocking anyone up again.
Poor baby. Poor, poor baby. It makes me sick to my stomach.
I'm totally going to name my goldfish "Jihad."
Poor *mother*! Holy crap imagine: your husband freaks out and kills your kid and you lose both of them! Eesh..

@4 That's a cute idea.
@4: Dude, my old landlord was named Jihad. And it was "zhahd", not "JEE-hahd."

To hear a thumper say "all life is sacred," they fail to answer the captain obvious: nature's bounty can't sustain seven billion people. It probably can't sustain more than two billion, quite frankly, without serious technological manipulation to fix the short term. This is the elephant nobody prefers to talk about.

Yes, it's a heartbreaker this murder happened. Of course, were there fewer of us humans, there'd be statistically fewer dipshits being born and raised to end up beating to death their progeny for no reason save jealousy. It all adds up.
The parents are not married.
These items Dan posts prove nothing as much as that having and raising children outside traditional marriage is deadly to children.
My husband wants to name our first son Jihad. I told him it could be a middle name, if only to protect the kid while he's in school. Jihad means something very different in Islam than it means on Fox, Dan.
Or maybe his kid should've been taken away since he knocked up a teen girl 16 years his junior.
Is it fascist eugenicist day on this Slog?
@7, they say a child needs a man and a woman to raise them properly. Dan's point is it's not the sex of couple that matters, it's the people themselves. There are tons of shitholes out there who shouldn't be allowed to raise a kid, and since the vast majority of couples with kids are heterosexual, there are tons out there. Dan has been very successful raising his son with Terry. So what I'm saying troll is...FUCK OFF BIGOT TROLL (which I guess is all trolls).
we see now...
the fact that some heterosexuals are poor parents proves homosexuals are good parents.
@12 - No, it shows that straight married parents are not automatically better. But thanks for leaving the same comment every time. We get it.
actually, they were married. The article said
"The dead included a woman believed to be the pregnant wife of the shooter;"

Not that it actually matters, given that the point of these posts is

"most people are good people, but some people are crazy and awful and should not have children, and these two categories do not fall along heterosexual/homosexual lines"

and marriage has nothin' to do with that point. But the troll at #7 is just wrong.
@Alleged, No, but you can't prove homosexuals are bad parents, though these articles prove a straight couple isn't implicitly superior.
I thought in the middle east Jihdad was fairly common as a name (thougth a little old fashioned) ?

it means "struggle for righteousness",which is a good thing, just because some self-righteous terrorist a-holes have co-opted it doesn't mean folks ought to stop using it.also,just technical question for # 8 -- Is Jihad a unisex name? Because I seem to remember a classmate saying her mom was named Jihad
Agreed that these stories are horrifying.

But, for the record, "Jihad" is actually a pretty common name, and "holy war" is a piss poor translation. It's more like "struggle," with some undertones of righteousness folded in. I've got numerous cousins raised by mostly-secular parents named "Jihad." Freaking out over that name is analogous to freaking out over people naming their kids "John," because the apocalypse is described in the Book of Revelation of John. Sure, their parents MIGHT be crazy Christian extremists who join militias and bomb abortion clinics, but probably not.

@ 16 - Yes, it's a unisex name.
Sure, Jihad may mean something else. Traditionally. In the Middle East. But it has a very specific meaning in this country at this time, and both of the parents appeared to be American converts. They knew perfectly well what Jihad means in this country. The poor mother may be excused because she's a kid, but the father had violent intentions from the start. Ladies, do not convert to Islam! It is not your friend.

Really? And yet Muslim countries began admitting women to med school a good century ahead of their Western counterparts.