So That's What a Random Assault Onboard a Metro Bus Looks Like


Was it the two native/asian-looking ladies wearing ratty hoodies?

The older one also rides the 2 and argues constantly with people. Some woman sat next to her and wouldn't get up when she told her "don't sit next to me!!" and then "DON'T HIT ME, YOU BITCH! WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING ME, YOU DYKE?"

Nope, two pretty and well-put-together African-American women...
@2 Are you assuming they had a little bit of the crazies or were they just plain old rude to the point where they think it's ok to call someone a faggot on the bus and attack dudes with cupcakes?
That's why I walk or drive. Too many crazies on METRO Transit. And I'm supposed to give up my car??
Sheeeeeeit. Don't you have one of those newfangled iPods that shoots video?!? I want to see that shit!
Obviously we need to arm bears with cupcakes.
@4 there are crazies that are behind the wheel of their very own cars too. i find those crazies to be a little more on the worrisome side.
I get the sense they were primed for violent craziness by some some ferociously intense, once-in-a-lifetime pressure/trouble/drama. The baby was clean and happy (until it wasn't), and both women looked attractively stylish (until the older woman's punch swings almost drew her boobs out of her top).
I feel for that kid that was assaulted. That's a pretty impressionable age still.
David - I assume you will remain in contact with the proper authorities and will be a witness if necessary. This shit must not be shrugged off, plus I'm sure I'm not the only one worried about the "cute kid".
10: Yeah, I gave an official statement, full contact info, etc.
cupcake carryin bitchez best learn they lesson!

poor kids prob go to Garfield.
#48 stops at 23rd and Madison?
And everyone just let the kids get the snot kicked out of them?

How come this shit never happens when I'm on the bus?
At that point, you just start passing out the cupcakes, one for the bus driver, one for a cop, etc.
@13 Yes. Right by the Safeway/condo situation.
i love the metro, BUS PEOPLE make the best stories! people who drive will never experience Seattle, until they met a few bus people gone crazy!
you neglected to mention whether or not you learned your fucking lesson, faggot!
Were the teenaged boys also guilty of the crime of eavesdropping on two loud-mouthed women who are screaming their dirty laundry on the bus?
Wow. I was raised on 23rd and have been riding Metro my whole life and never saw anything like this. I am so jealous! Sorry for the trouble to everyone, of course.
14: It was weird, quick bursts of activity. After the first burst, a woman in scrubs raced back from the front of the bus ready to dive into the ass-kicking, but both bursts of violence were pretty much over as soon as they started. The big thing would've been holding the women there until cops arrived, which none of us were willing to try, not even Red Sonja in scrubs.
@14 - No kidding. Go on try that shit while I'm on the bus.
I carry a small camera every where and you'd be shocked at what I have filmed. Including arson!
@2: Oh man, wait, I think I know the girl? Kinda medium-complected, chubby-ish?

She started screaming at this Hispanic dude and said she was staring at her, "you like black girls right, you faggot? Stop looking at me! Stop it. I'm going to keep my kid away from you, you faggot, stop looking at me you mexican asshole, fuck you!"

And then she tried to get off the bus and the door wouldn't open so she screamed "LET ME OFF! WHY WON'T YOU LET ME OFF? PLEAAAAASE LET ME OFFFFF!" and started crying until the bus driver let her off.

I see her on the 8/48/2 and now sometimes on the 12.
24: That sounds like her, but only in American showbiz would this young woman be considered chubby. Nice, regular-sized, lightly rocking bod...
This is the very reason Seattle Public Schools should not be dumping their kids on Metro. The kids parents have a pending lawsuit.
tell the truth Davie
you pee'd yourself...
I was standing across the street waiting for the 48 going northbound when this happened. It was very confusing. AND a fire truck showed up, which just confused me even more. Thanks for the explanation.

Those poor boys... if that happened to me when I was fifteen I would be traumatized.
David - Thanks for staying on this thread. Nice to get some feedback when the rabble get roused.
Oh man that was right outside my apartment. SOOO glad I don't ride the 48 to/from work any more. I feel bad for those garfield kids, and that baby.
@25: I would have said "round in the right places" but women always think I'm calling them fat when I say that about them or others.

Very frantic gal. She settles down and then blows up in this weird rhythm.
@25 This is the same Baconcat who used to comment things like "I'll be dragging my fat, slovenly ass to Slog Happy tonight", when in fact, Baconcat is a very normal-sized and well-groomed human being. His standard of beauty is just a bit harsh, I think.
Cupcakes? He was asking for it.
"lightly rocking bod"?! If I knew what this meant, it'd probably become my most favorite compliment/insult ever. Enlighten me?
34: Round in the right places, with clothes that enhanced what God gave her, but not showy or 'slutty' or what-have-you...
@34 - If we tell, it will lose its power...
I always have earbuds in and stare out the window when I'm on Metro. The crazies never bother me. If someone's staring too much I bring out the knitting and they leave me the fuck alone. Male knitters make people uncomfortable.
Public transit: Not for the poorly-adjusted and insecure.

I've never seen anything like this, either, @14, in my many years regularly riding transit. I've often wished that I had. Usually it's just uneventful collective silence while hoping I make my transfer. Sometimes, it's an fascinating conversation with a stranger or randomly making a business connection.

For instance, yesterday, I got into a rather long and interesting conversation with a woman who's part of blind dragon-paddling team called "Blind Ambition." Who would've thought? Random.
Wow, I'm so sorry to hear this, David. I mean, it's obviously worst for the kid who got beaten up, but this couldn't have been too great an experience for you either. That's no way to start a Thursday. Hope tomorrow is better.
The story would be more enthralling if the ladies attacked the boy WITH the cupcakes.
@35: Too much booty in the back, too much booty in the back, too much booty in the back, c'mon Schmader, bounce that donk for us!

@32: I reserve the right to mock myself! Because most people can't even do it right.
Our of respect to the English language, a small correction to your last line: The two women at issue here are NOT "ladies".
"She then called me a faggot (which I took as a compliment of my shoulder bag)..."

We deserve a photo of the shoulder bag, me thinks.
39: Thanks, it was an odd and incredible thing to watch unfold, but I'm perfectly fine. (Also, it helps that afterwards I got to go to a job that allows me to obsess on and share what happened, rather than requiring me to act like nothing happened at all.)
43: Here you go. (It IS a nice bag, much nicer than I'd ever get myself, so hurrah for my faggoty boyfriend/California husband and his exemplary gift-giving skills.)
I'm confused... was this baby in a stroller? I had pictured the younger woman HOLDING the baby in her arms, then passing it off to the mother/grandmother. But when you said they dumped it on the sidewalk, I got concerned.
Please tell me it was in a stroller...
Man, your buses are fugly.

My favorite bus story: On the #15 bus in Denver (anyone who lives here knows that that's the roughest route in town) and a bunch of assholes decided it was my turn to be harassed. I just sort of casually let my left hand pull my jacket back to reveal . . . no, not a gun, but two spare .45 magazines. That was enough - they got off at the next stop.
@37 Genius!

On another note: what the fuck is wrong with people?
@44: All the same, I think you need a hug.


... but first you need to bounce that donk.
46: No stroller. The baby was passed between the women until it would up alone, sitting upright, on the pavement.
@50... wow, who just puts a kid on the sidewalk?
These bitches be crazy.
... along with the scratching/hitting/general kerfuffle they caused, which also makes them crazy.
(wound up alone, not would up alone. I have PTSD!!!!)
Nice bag! Does it match your shoes?
@37: "...I bring out the knitting and they leave me the fuck alone. Male knitters make people uncomfortable."

Plus, well, knitting needles.
pix of your shoulder bag or it didn't happen.
the rottweilers of the human race... (if you can call them human)

$1,000 bucks sez the baby's a bastard...

And us faggits are helping support it through taxes on our hard earned incomes...
Way to handle it, Amber Lamps.
wow. this is definitely a situation that's the exception to the rule of "a man never lays his hand on a woman"
If I was one of those kids, either when I was 15, or now, that shit would have ended quickly. Don't fuck with a wiry guy.
i'm going to pretend the teenagers were the sort i would often encounter riding seattle metro and go ahead and have a nice fantasy about some loud stupid teen getting attacked by an angry mother/grandmothermother. ahhh...
I'm just surprised it wasn't the 358!
This is eerily familiar.

A few years ago I was sitting in the back of a 5 bus. At the 3rd & Virginia stop a woman got up to get off the bus, yelled something along the lines of "Well fuck you then!", slapped me in the face with the back of her hand, and jumped off the bus.

It could very well have been the same woman.
I feel awful for that baby. Hope CPS steps in soon.
TNB. You can take the ape out of the jungle but you cant take the jungle out of the ape.

Someone slap the shit out of the Rhodesian Prime Minister.
Almost seems like it would be good to have security cameras on buses.
just from reading your story, before I even saw your comment at #2, I knew without a doubt that they were black.
That's why I never use headphones of earbuds when I'm on the bus. Is there a tick-box on the KingCo death certificate for "lack of situational awareness" as a cause of death?
I think I saw the grandmother of the story pulling a similar stunt on the 48 last week!
@37 - and they make some mean ass weapons too!! ( : =
the knitting needles, I mean. Not the earbuds.
People should legally pack a gun or a stun gun and prevent assaults like this when they them. Assaults like this would not happen so frequently on the buses if people recognized their Constitutional rights. These days our Seattle youngsters have to wait for their lordly authority figures to come save their asses because they're too stupid to know how to do anything on their own.
@73: did you forget that men don't hit women? it's one of the reasons these 2 start shit. 15 year old cupcake kid pulls a taser and zaps which one? grandma? new mom?

Are you sure she wasn't yelling at the cupcakes?
@63 Sorry but I LOLed. How bizarre.
@6 was that a clever switching of "bear" and "arms" As in, I will smash this cupcake in your face and asphyxiate you? or do you mean arm bears, as you said? What would a bear do with a cupcake, besides the obvious?
i look forward to getting mugged by the kid in about 15 years. christ. the worst part of the story is that she's already breeded.
I've seen quite a bit of crazy shit on the buses, so this doesn't surprise me. These two in particular sound like they have some kind of serious mental imbalance. I wonder what the deal with them is.

One thing I've done several times when I'm on the bus and something potentially violent starts to happen, is just get up and move. If I'm in the back, I'll move to the front and vice versa.

But sometimes you can't prepare yourself for the unexpected; my girlfriend was sitting on the bus doing absolutely nothing and out of nowhere was hit real hard in the back of her head. The girl quickly got off the bus and was gone. Several other passengers saw what happened but did nothing.
I would have no trouble defending myself against ghetto trash like these two- these sir are no "ladies"...

And neither could be called a "mother" for that matter. C'ept maybe a Mo'Fo...

Remember this?…

(These are especially for you #68)……
I'm not sure why you reported on this incident as though it were vaguely amusing or just kind of eccentric. If it had been two white guys and they went around calling some black passanger the N-word for looking at them the wrong way and then assaulted a 15 year old black male there would be an all-points bulletin out for them and the NAACP would be holding a protest about how horrible racism is in Seattle. A couple months ago the DA charged a guy with a hate crime for calling a parking attendant the N word. Sorry but these women should be caught and should be charged with a handful of things including the slur they directed at you.
You're right. Spot on. What these two women did to David & the other two fellows was deplorable. Whatever their race is or whether they are mothers or not has nothing to do with their conduct on the bus. Appears they've done this before. This is abberant behavior. They must be apprehended and brought to justice. Damn shame.
@81/@82: He gave the cops statements. The cops were there. Now, I can't be entirely certain about this, but...
My guess is those boys were younger than 15 and pretty skinny. And white or Asian.

In other words, those gals did not get mouthy and mean to that 23 year old, 185 pound MMA fighter three rows up ro some black dude in gang attire. They profiled, and went at victims, not fighters.

Funny how it always works that way.

And did we already know this before you said it? "...African-American women..."
I would buy a drink to the gay guy who for once will stand up for himself and return fire (figuratively speaking). I guess this is a statement that you are not supposed to make- but I noticed black folks take it for granted that they can say anything about anyone and no one will throw the ball back to them, so to speak. I've witnessed a few DOZEN, some of them homophobic, incidents where black folks were being abusive as hell to non-blacks and not once did the person give it back
Folks, carry pepper spray.

No one is tough guy after an eyeful of that shit, not even a pit bull, and you don't have to worry about a stray spray killing a bystander while delivering it to some asshole who really deserves it.

Plus, you can deploy it to help out teenage boys getting shit from predatory bigots like those women, without facing any uncomfortable felony investigations about deadly force.
See, the whole problem here is that if I have to monitor my every move, carry pepper-spray, learn to not make eye-contact with people sitting 18" away from me, and be ready to jump in and protect people from violent assault at any moment, then call me crazy, I'm jut gonna keep driving.
We can all talk up the need and benefits of public transportation 'till we're blue in the face: if these are the conditions we are trying to get people to buy into, the whole concept is functionally dead.
I drive every day. I carpool two other folks from my neighborhood, to assuage my carbon-conscience, but as long as the first two stops on my route are to drop my kids off at school, and as long as this shit is what's on offer for riding the bus (at $9 a day for me and my kids, no less - parking costs $7.50) then I'll just keep driving. Someone needs to start taking these safety issues seriously.
@85: Okay, here goes! Shut the fuck up.

Silence is not weakness when it's in response to base ignorance or arrogance. You, however, who are evidently proclaiming some moral high ground, are not ignorant. You're just a fucking asshole. I am not a wilting flower nor will I sit by when a legitimate claim against my person is made that stands to discredit, defame or disturb me. On the bus? That rarely happens. In the City of Seattle, where most folks know better, calling someone a "fag" is just being ignorant. Who cares? In the City of Seattle, being gay does not discredit or defame you. At all. Disturb? How is it disturbing that someone with no credibility is lobbing invectives to get me all riled up? No, it's ignorant.

On the other hand, trotting out some tired old trope of the miserable little sissy grates on my nerves somethin' fierce. You judge those "DOZENS" as some kind of weaklings to grind your teeth on your own stereotypes and your own social disorders.

No, fuck you, fuck you very much. You can keep your drink 'cuz you've got a whole lot of miserable to drown.
Can someone please ban the racist trolls? Care to moderate your thread David?
I think that these women need proffessional help,normal people dont go off on people like that.They have obviously gotton away with doing this one too many times. They need to spend some time in a mental ward and get a taste of people worse off than themselves.It does'nt matter what nationality they are wrong is wrong.
Can someone please ban the racist trolls, because it hurts my feelings when I realize that there are some white people who have different ideas about race relations in American than I do? And hurting my feelings is a hate crime, obviously.
@91 It doesn't have anything to do with hurt feeling ya fawkin' douche; it has to do with being a moron. Anyone who says "you didn't even need to say that they were black.....Oh, like, I totally knew they were black before you said anything....." is full of shit. I've seen PLENTY of white, asian, latin, people act like unstable dipshits.
Thanks 'bassplayerguy' for straightening me out. I see now that having an opinion that 'bassplayerguy' thinks is idiotic means you shouldn't be allowed to post in a public forum. You're smart. I like the way you think. It's a little above me, to be honest, but I like the challenge of trying to grasp it.
I def would have snapped a surreptitious pic of these two if I could have. You know, when video might get my face scratched! The camera app is right there! :)