The Morning News: British Anti-Semites, Barfy New Jerseyites, Self-Righteous Cilantrophobes


Best photo and caption ever.
Hey, you don't like the iPhone/iPad user experience, buy one of the competitors. Personally I can't believe the virus/security risks that Windows users put it with as a matter of course, and I'm happy to have a device that uses design restrictions to minimize the amount of time I spend fixing the damn thing.
When I was in my first year of college I decided to make a stew. I went to the store and grabbed a bunch of veggies and came home and threw them in the pot and cooked them up. At dinner I sat down and spooned up a big mouthful and YUK! it tasted like soap! I could not account for the taste. It was horrible and I was poor enough that I knew I was going to have to eat this stew for a week. Then I looked at the receipt and saw that I had put a whole bunch of cilantro into the pot instead of parsley. I never made that mistake again. I had not ever heard of cilantro before that.
Best photo and caption ever. Removed!
the whole last news point needs to be put in quotes
Always disappointing to have a beautiful dish of food arrive on the table, only to find it poisoned by cilantro chopped too finely to remove. Coriander is heavenly, but cilantro is gagging. Why does "sin cilantro, por favor" rarely work?
"a woman who was visiting from British Columbia has measles and visited the Seattle Aquarium..."

damn fine Canadian health care system and damn considerate Canadians for you.
How come there's ZERO coverage on Slog of the judge's ruling yesterday once again delaying the completion of the Burke Gilman Trail?
damn fine Canadian health care system
Yeah I mean why can't those muslin socilists keep people from getting sick with anything, ever?
And here I thought the "british anti-semites" bit was going to be an expose of the NSDAP -- I mean BNP.
People care about cilantro? Weird.
I must have a special insensitivity to it -- I have even used it in Italian food (lasagna, spaghetti sauce) instead of parsley and couldn't tell the difference.