Culinary Revolution in Georgetown


Squid and Ink managed to combine poor service with bad looking food that didn't taste good, and I say that as a long-time vegetarian. Good riddance.
RoRo has good BBQ. Are they moving from Stone Way, or opening a second location?
Is this the same RoRo from Wallingford? Good pulled pork.
I had several tasty meals at the old S&I. Not only vegan, but a nice gluten-free selection as well. As far as the service - it was the best I had ever had in a vegan joint. Of course, with competition like the old "Globe Cafe", that's a low bar.…
Vegan with full bar?? Is that because drinking alcohol is so much better for you than eating meat? Who knew?
Noooooo! the Squid was a delightful place to engage in fried pickles and jossling one another drunkenly while trying to flirt with the utterly indifferent and adorable waitstaff. Once I fell down the stairs to their basement while looking for the bathroom (while stone cold fucking sober): "Didn't the bathroom used to be here, or am I crazy?" Server: "YOU ARE CRAZY. Omg are you okay?!"
RoRo? A vegan BBQ?
Fake pulled pork sandwiches?
Sounds disgusting.
Squid and Ink used to be good and then it went to shit like no other. I expect the same of their bar. Good for a few months, and then shit. I expect it to be closed 6 months after opening. Write it down, I'm calling it.

The owners are good at running businesses into the ground.
RoRo has good barbecue? RoRo's barbecue is fair to middling at best: good only because it's so hard to fuck up pigmeat + smoke.
Squid and Ink is an odd name for a vegan venue. Kind of like naming a BBQ place Salad and Sprouts.
First disappointment (at it closing), then elation (at it opening closer to home). I wonder if they'll still have shows.
1. RoRo, if it is the same as the one on Stone Way, is not vegan but is definitely vegetarian friendly. In fact possibly the ONLY veggie-friendly BBQ place in town and is AMAZING!!! #9 must have went on a bad day because they fucking rock. I am super excited for them to have another store (if it is indeed them).

2. The Squid started off delicious with good service but at some point took a bad turn. The last time I went I agree, it was a disaster and the place looked like a dept. of health nightmare. I am excited for them to get a new start in a new place, especially since we need a good veggie place on the hill. Plum is just an expensive version of the same concept that has 3 restaurants within 15 min of each other. I hope it does well, too, though. I also hope the Highline will play at least as much Iron Maiden as the Squid. :-)
#9 has had more phenomenal barbecue in more states/countries than most folks have had hot meals because #9 seeks out barbecue everywhere he goes. #9 may not be a world expert on BBQ, but #9 has a tremendous frame of reference for good/bad barbecue. #9 did not overstate the mediocrity of RoRo barbecue, or the proximity of RoRo barbecue to acceptability by virtue of the difficulty of fucking up a combination of two impossibly delicious flavors (pigmeat + smoke).

#9 agrees with #12 that Plum is too expensive and not great. #9 joins #12 in welcoming Squid & Ink to the Hill.
@5, but making vodka doesn't hurt the potatoes. And sugar cane doesn't have a face. And agave isn't sentient.
As a longtime vegan, I wish S&I the best of luck on Cap Hill, but recommend that they insist waitstaff bathe and groom themselves. You stopped getting my dollars sometime in 2009 due to the stank, much as I love any excuse to shop Georgetown and/or vegan.

I'll give you one last try. It's not so hard to win me over.