Inside Seattle's Guatemalan Book Dealer Gang Epidemic


The Goodwill Outlet is a dreadful place. It's like being in the bottom of some horrible concrete retention tank.
No, no, it's a place of great beauty.
That's what Kissinger, Haig, and I have always have always said about SE Asia and the poor part of town! You might have a place in my administration.
I've long hear rumors of some pretty cuthroat bookbuyers at Goodwill and the Library sales. Keep working, Scoop Constant!
i ran into these gangs at the FOL sale on saturday! those scanner people are ruthless, and they care only for commerce.
Yes, this group from Portland was at the FOL sale over the weekend. These guys are making a living buying books that are resold on the internet, and SPL profits from their bulk purchases. Their scanners contain software that Amazon sells at a low price; Amazon drives the commerce (created it?) and profits from every used book sale on their site. I bet these guys are more likely sending money to their families in Mexico (if you ask them most of them will tell you they are Chicano), as most Mexican immigrants do, than associating with a Guatemalan gang.
I also hate the bins. My arms smell weird when I leave.
i didn't really think they were a gang, maggie.
Max: I realize that. I get defensive about the FOL sales while also want to show sensitivity towards the very real gang violence in Mexico. Thou Slog's probably not the place to expect that, which is fine. My sarcasm radar was broken.
This store is out of control, and the African American female floor manager who is in charge is a racist and also unable or unwilling to do her job. I was punched (with a closed fist) in this store today by a Guatemalan illegal immigrant who is part of a gang of more than 12 individuals who routinely assault other shoppers. The leader of the gang smirked and told us : "I told him to hit you and I will tell one of my boys to hit you every day you show up here." They also smoke drugs in the store, they menace other shoppers with box cutters before the store opens, they 'wolf whistle' at female shoppers, and they steal items and entire shopping carts from other shoppers. The floor manager told me "Get out of my store, Honky" even though I did not start the violent altercation and I did not hit back. I called the police. I filed an assault charge, but against an illegal immigrant it is unlikely to be followed up on. The belligerent store manager told me "policy is that both people who fight get kicked out." She admitted she saw the entire event, and admits I was assaulted. I didn't even raise a finger to even defend myself. This very same gang was banned for life from Portland Goodwill stores for violence, and now they are ruining the Seattle Goodwill stores and making it unsafe for anyone else to shop. If this goes on, they will eventually harm someone seriously, and then Goodwill will face one hell of a lawsuit. This store is a ticking time bomb due to the violence and intimidation of an actual criminal street gang. And Goodwill management has been totally unwilling to do anything about it. They punish the victims instead. Even the cash register people (due to fear? or bribery?) let these Guatemalans count their own merchandise up, so they aren't even paying for more than a fraction of what they haul out of the store. And, yes she is a racist for calling me a honky. I used no such racist terms on her.
Wow, feelin' proud to be a Guatemalan. Finding out that Guatemalan Gangs are associated with books just feels kind of fancy, intellectual... Classy eh?

And BTW, as usual I feel compelled to clarify that Guatemala is not Mexico, thank you very much.
They are the opposite of intellectual. Their violence is animalistic. Most of them can not speak or read English. They ruin the book business which used to be the forte of actual intellectuals who had a love of books. They ruin it with their rapacious greed and love of violence and intimidation. The internet has enabled them to violently disrupt a once gentle business, and they actually forcefully rip apart older, non ISBN and Antiquarian books that don't have a bar code for them to electronically scan. They rip the covers right off, often destroying actually priceless books they don't have the capability of even understanding the value of.
These are dangerous people : some of them sport MS-13 gang tattoos and they have discussed amongst themselves in Spanish (I know Spanish and was in a position to listen in line near them for many hours) about how they were a drug gang before getting run off of their turf by a larger, tougher Portland gang. This is why they have turned to online retail, apparently.

MS-13 is one of the most violent and most dreadful street gangs in the modern era, known for their 'creative' uses of physical torture and for gory, obscene murders. They originate in Honduras and Guatemala. I have provided the Seattle Gang Taskforce with all the information I have on these individuals, but Immigration Services/ICE will not investigate any illegal alien unless you provide a full name and street address.
I hear you goodwillhunting, I was just trying to be silly. It is shameful what they do.

MS13 and 18 gangs are not to mess with. Actually they originated within immigrants in the US (LA to be precise), and became all-mighty mafias when deported back to Central America, and spread violence and chaos wherever they go ever since. Big decentralized crime network, that usually does waaay worse things than smuggle books.
On April 9th, 2010 Goodwill brought in off duty police to remove this gang and ban them for life from the store. I went back to this store for the first time today, and seven of "Carlos' Gang" were busy as ever and laughing with the African American female assistant manager (and racist) 'Karissa.' (I am unsure of the spelling of her name.) Four of them immediately fled the store when they saw me. Karissa then glared at me poisonously as the remaining gang pointed fingers at me and spoke to her. I then escalated this whole matter to Jerome, a much more reasonable upper manager. He was professional but unwilling to enforce the ban on the violent street gang as "We can't tell from day to day if they are here on their own or they are in a gang mode. This is their hustle and I can't take that away from them." That is a pretty much an exact quote. I do not feel safe shopping in this store, and neither should you - as an extremely violent Honduran/Guatemalan MS-13 street gang is STILL in charge of this Goodwill Outlet. As I was leaving, one of them shouted several violent threats at me as he was getting into his car such as "I am gonna f**k you up man, you are gonna bleed soon." etc ; he also made nasty sexual gestures at my wife with using his fingers and his tongue. And Goodwill is willing to do nothing about this, as is their usual policy.
The books are now gone from the outlet. Is this Goodwill's solution to the problem? Does anyone know if the books will return? I drive 2 hours to get to the store and it's a real disappointment not to see any books for sale.
The books are there, in greatly reduced volume and quantity. And they come out at random times. Goodwill refuses to enforce its own ban, so about half of 'Carlos' Gang' is still allowed to sit in the store all day long and snap up what books do appear. Goodwill is putting almost all of them online itself now, so there is nothing but dregs at the Outlet, if that at all. And if the racist assistant manager Karissa sees certain white faces, no books will come out - until whitey leaves and is gone a good long time. Also, book bins are now only out for a short time and are replaced with clothes and junk after a short time.
pedro one of the hillsboro gang members , an illegal alien , was arrested along with his sister . he was found to have 17 stolen assault rifles in his apartment. the gang is at every goodwill and manymany americans have been assaulted.
The goodwill knows about it and sides with the illegals. it is written about on amazon seller soapbox from time to time but they pussies there scream racism if you even say mexican and the post gets deleted. after threats of more lawsuites the hillsboro oregon goodwill raised the prices of the books to 1.00 paperback and 2.00 hardcover. nothing stops them and they are violent to women
This gang works for a 38-year-old man named Carlos Reynaud ( (phone 1-503-737-7920) who does business under the name Portland Book Store a.k.a. R. A. Books Inc. The gang supplies merchandise for Carlos’ lucrative Amazon business. His Amazon account is “portlandsbooks”. His business address (office/warehouse) is 7980 SE 17th Ave. Portland, OR 97202. His home address is 5621 SE Holgate Blvd. Portland, OR 97206-3825. For years his minions have been terrorizing the Portland, Oregon area, and their big expansion to the Puget Sound area started in about January 2010. Carlos employs illegal aliens. Please let him know that his group’s criminal and abusive/unfair behavior is not appreciated. Check his Amazon account and you will see that he has a very high amount of Amazon sales, so he is pulling in the money. A basic online background check reveals he may be related to the following people: Norah M. Salva, Asencio Norah, Daysi Reynaud, Roberto Reynaud, Jaramillo Salvador. Most Amazon sellers do not engage in indecent behavior like Carlos. Tell Carlos to do business without resorting to gang tactics, intimidation, bullying, mob activity, and social disruption.
The link below is a video from Seattle’s King 5 News from March 2010 which is significant because it actually shows Carlos Reynaud. The video is Seattle establishment propaganda for Goodwill, telling viewers Goodwill is a good altruistic organization and implying that book hoarding is normal. The video report distorts reality by saying the book scooping, which they clearly show, is just people competing with each other. This is a lie. Before January 2010 the book dealers did not do this. The other book dealers had to start scooping in order to compete with the gang. Many months have passed, and now most of the competing book dealers are gone, leaving mainly only the gang. What the gang does is not the same as the usual shopper competition. Carlos can be seen in the video at time marker -0:56 and -0.55. He is the guy wearing the black cap and black shirt, with a large stack of books in his arms. I recognize Carlos because I have met him. The old man with gray hair and glasses, seen throughout the video, is Bill Callaghan, Director of Goodwill Outlets. The young black lady seen between time markers -1:14 and -1.11 is Carissa, a manager at the Seattle Goodwill Outlet. Throughout the video some members of Carlos’ gang are visible.

To read the full story go to:


These gang activities are illegal: verbal threats to your safety, shoving, property damage to your car....all of these offenses are "Racketeering", an illegal practice, punishable by law. Charges can be brought either through the local police department or in civil courts. Please speak with victims and encourage group pressure on local law enforcement to press charges against these criminals. You will need specific, witnessed incidents, thus stand together.
Goodwill Outlet of Austin Complaints

This purpose of this post is to create a place where people can share stories and help one another with the problems at this goodwill outlet of austin tx. There have been multiple complaints against a large mexican family; their ethnicity here is only being used for identification purposes. They appear to be running the clothing aisles at the goodwill outlet 7 days a week. At first you might not realize that the 15 individuals standing in front of you are all working together but once they bring the new bins out you will see them pushing and shoving to gather as many clothes on their shoulder. This family has been involved in incidents of intimidation, where they have threatened individuals who have taken items they wanted. They also steal from everyone who is there, so please watch your belongings as the second you turn around you may have someone steal it. The family ranges from younger girls and boys to older mid 50 yr old men. You can see them park their carts along the middle back wall and systematically take every new item, this is their business and anyone who interferes will be dealt with. Personally I have seen them shove an older lady and had her fall down and get nothing more than a slap on the wrist.
64 year old Hillsboro woman says she was shoved and punched, but court throws out her stalking order against professional book buyer Pedro Reynaud Erazo brother of Carlos Reynaud

Published: Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 8:50 PM Updated: Thursday, March 22, 2012, 6:33 AM
Aimee Green, The Oregonian By Aimee Green, The Oregonian

Cowger says he has taken note of how aggressive some book buyers have become. He says he buys book for pleasure, not to resell them.
Kathryn Reitz, a 64-year-old book aficionado, enjoyed browsing for literature at the Goodwill outlet in Hillsboro.

That is, until Pedro Rolando Reynaud Erazo moved in. Erazo and his entourage bought any books of significant value so they could re-sell them online for profit. Day after day, from open to close, the bunch would scoop armloads of newly delivered merchandise into carts, scan the barcodes using digital scanners and leave behind the rejects.

Anyone who got in their way got shoved, said Reitz, other shoppers and even store management. But Reitz may have gotten the worst of it. According to the Hillsboro woman, Erazo followed her around the store yelling and calling her names. He pushed her on 10 occasions. He punched her. He even warned her: "(y)ou should be afraid of me. They're not going to stop me. I can do whatever I want."

Reitz filed for a stalking order, and Washington County Circuit Judge Donald Letourneau found justification to grant her one.

But Erazo appealed. And last week -- in an eye-opening opinion -- the Oregon Court of Appeals reversed the lower court's decision by saying Reitz hadn't met the requirements for a stalking order.

Specifically, the court said she hadn't proven that Erazo subjected her to at least two "contacts" that would cause her to fear for her own safety. The court ruled that while the punch qualified as one contact, the 10 shoves weren't truly dangerous. What's more, Erazo's reported threat didn't instill "a fear of imminent and serious personal violence."

The case not only casts a light on the competitive world of Goodwill shoppers -- some who leave their manners at the door in a quest to earn a living -- but on the relatively high bar set for approving stalking orders when one person says they are in fear of another.

The Court of Appeals noted the high standard, referring to a 2010 ruling in which the court threw out a Lane County stalking order against an 18-year-old Springfield man -- even after he reportedly pushed his 14-year-old neighbor to the ground and threatened to slit the boy's throat. He also reportedly threatened to find someone to beat up the boy's 9-year-old sister. The Court of Appeals found that although the 18-year-old's words were concerning, he only "spoke of what he would have someone else do at some point in the future."

books1.jpgView full sizeThomas Boyd/The OregonianThe Oregon Court of Appeals recently decided that a Hillsboro woman should not have gotten a stalking order against a man who she says punched and shoved her over books being sold at the Goodwill Outlet Store in Hillsboro.
Terrance Hall, an attorney who represented Reitz, said he was astonished by last week's Court of Appeals decision. He said repeated shoves and Erazo's threatening words were frightening to his former client. Hall said he and his client had shown up to Washington County court with overwhelming evidence, so much that the judge said he didn't need to hear from all of Reitz's witnesses.

"This is conduct that went on not just for months, but for years," Hall said.

But Raymond Tindell, the attorney who represented Erazo on his appeal, said Reitz repeatedly put herself in contact with Erazo by choosing to shop at the same outlet store.

"Say what you will about it, it was not stalking," Tindell said. "It was commercial enterprise and competition ... This was way different than your typical stalking case where someone has a hard time disengaging."

Tindell said his client fought the stalking order because it would permanently mar his record, and could have made it difficult to find a job or rent a home.

Reitz didn't return calls seeking. Hall said she's still deciding whether to appeal the case to the Oregon Supreme Court. Because she's out of money, she's enlisted the help of law students at Willamette University.

Erazo, who now lives in the Seattle area, also couldn't be reached for comment. Internet forums, however, have been abuzz about him, with some complaining about aggressive shopping tactics that they say have spread to Goodwill stores

At some point after Erazo punched Reitz, Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette banned Erazo from its more than 40 stores in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington, including its four outlet stores in Hillsboro, Milwaukie, Salem and Vancouver. The outlets are warehouses where items that have sat in traditional retail locations for three to five weeks -- but haven't sold -- are liquidated.

Most goods are sold by the pound, but books are $1 for paperbacks and $2 for hardcovers. About three times a day, employees wheel out 9-foot long bins full of all sorts of household goods. Shoppers often stand shoulder to shoulder behind yellow lines until the bins are all out, before staff will let them dig in. No where is the competition for goods more fierce than the bins containing books, employees say.

During Reitz's hearing for the stalking order, one witness who described standing back to watch the frenzy said: "It's like the Three Stooges gone nuts, and you just watch."

Another witness told the court how she made a tidy living shopping for Goodwill books and re-selling them online until Erazo and others showed up with scanners. She said Erazo directed members of his group to grab books before she could look at them.

"A person would come and follow me, and just follow me wherever I would go ...stand right next to me, elbow me, make it incredibly uncomfortable," she told the court.

The Court of Appeals noted that although Erazo and his group "initiated the ruder behavior at the store, they were not alone in behaving badly. The new, more aggressive, atmosphere permeated the culture of the book shoppers at the store."

Goodwill representatives say business at the outlets boomed as Internet sites, such as eBay and Amazon, have grown in popularity and as the economy in 2008 tanked. More people turned to treasure hunting at the non-profit as a means to make a living. Each day as many as 30 to 40 regulars wait outside the doors of the most popular outlets in Hillsboro and Milwaukie. Some spend all day – 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. –at the outlets. They eat lunch in their cars, or take breaks sitting on furniture that's for sale.

As some shoppers worked to undercut others, Goodwill adopted new policies. Bill Goman, the manager who oversees this region's four outlets, estimates that about 75 percent of the problem has gone away thanks to what he describes as "draconian measures" that worked. Not only must shoppers wait behind the yellow lines, they also aren't allowed to touch the merchandise until the bins are all in place.

Any shoving results in a minimum 30-day ban from the stores, but it could also result in an indefinite ban in what Goman describes as a "one-strike policy."

Goman said Goodwill also has been smarter about identifying books of value, and today sells them on

Regular shoppers at the Goodwill outlet in Hillsboro earlier this week agree that the atmosphere has calmed. As bins are rolled out, they say a hush falls over that area as shoppers vigorously start digging. The shoppers with the scanners are still there, but they are no longer allowed to dump armloads into their carts for scanning. They must scan books one at a time, while they're still in the bins.

Shoppers say someone still occasionally gets elbowed.

One shopper spoke of a new book hunter who was struggling financially because his part-time employer had drastically cut back his hours. He had three children and was at risk of losing his house. And so his emotions were high when he argued over some merchandise with another shopper, and knocked the shopper's hat off his head. The book hunter was barred from returning.

Goman, the regional manager, said Goodwill tries to thwart such aggressive shopping before it begins.

"The people who are new to the shopping experience, we will actually bring them into the office and sit down with them and say these are the things that are expected of you," Goman said.

– Aimee Green
Here is the criminal Pedro Reynaud Erazo's new storefront:…

notice that he claims to be shipping from AE, USA to hide his portland location due to the intense media interest in his criminal activities.

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Carlos and/or Pedro respond to criticism of their crimes and their violence - from emails sent to a blog tracking their crimes:


Death Threats From Carlos Reynaud & Pedro Reyanud Erazo
Posted on March 30, 2011

“I think you are a punk ass white little bitch who got picked on when you were little by mexicans.
Please take this site down before your ass gets beat down.
but when i get done here im gonna be ganging up with carlos to tear down your pathetic website cuz you aint nothin but a wack ass racist net banging pussy.
so tell me why you are so racist
well sorry that mexicanos have lives and you dont and have a better family.
but ya no that sucks that you are an obsessed racist net banger and have no clue what mexicans do for real
because of you i am now a carlos reynaud supporter who don’t let fagets like you keep going with your KKK bullshit,
or talk down to people that are above you and DO NOT think i am a net banger cuz
if i saw you on the street i would’ve already had your ass handled
by now but here is wat i think you should do is take all of the imfo you posted on this website and actually show it to carlos and his brother pedro or even someone who is not white
and see wat goes on from there
but i have wasted to much time on your wack ass website so if you dont like wat comes out my mouth well fuck your whole life and everything that your about!!!!! goodbye you fatass/creepy/rapist/serial killer/child mollesting loser"


a response to this article from Carlos Reynaud aka Richard Lemus aka

January 3rd, 2011

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Wow in this moment I am drinking my coffee and reading your email. I want you to know that the only coffee I drink is imported from France, Looking by what you wrote you must feel very insecure next to a man like me. It is not my fault that your life is miserable. If by any chance I go back to Honduras, you will be the first one invited to my 5,000 acre ranch with pool, and horse stable. Regarding to ICE, don't worry about that, I have many friends working for that organization.