Scott Baio Vs. Lesbian Shit Asses: It's On


It's now a goal of mine to cause someone to call me a far-left lesbian shitass. I'm young; I've got time.
For those keeping score, the correct phrasing is "all y'all"
Wealthy(?) celebrities being self-entitled ignorant fuckheads?

Well I never.
But does Joanie still love Chachi?
He's Twitterbuddies with Sarah Palin too.

Someone needs to explain to him that the only reason he has anything at all is because he was lucky enough to be picked more or less at random for a crappy TV show a million years ago. Luck of the draw, my friend, luck of the draw.
I heard he has a really BIG Diqk...

All is forgiven :P
I like the "Scott Baio" entry in Urban Dictionary. Awesome.…
I really want to know what Bob Loblaw's Law Blog has to say about this.
Trying to get the AG involved in an internet fight? "Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb" indeed.
Hard to believe that Neil Strauss stole Baio's bimbo girlfriend right in front of him.

And to think there was a time (when I was a young boy) that I dreamed of being the Mrs Scott Baio.

Glad that fantasy passed long ago.
Now I'm left wondering precisely how much class is in Scott Baio's piss. And I think "shitass" will be my featured swear word for the week.
Yes, he's terrible, but he's so perfectly terrible. As far as I"m concerned he can do any shitass thing he wants to, having immortally played "cute stupid selfish late-70s boytoy" to Jodie Foster in Adrian Lyne's debut "Foxes" with motherfucking Cherie Currie. That movie is the real goddam deal, and for having been a part of it, Baio gets a pass.
Fortunately, his character on Arrested Development was a tertiary one at best, meant to pull in a younger-skewing demographic.
Holy carp! Cannot stop laughing about the Canadian vs US pricing on the DisneyStore item. This is 1 way Canada pays for Socialism...I'm sure US will soon too. *giggle-snort* Ah, international currency, why you gots to be so confusing?!?
[After posting an awful pic of Michelle Obama] Baio did himself no favors by trying to prove his lack of racism.

"I'm NOT racist for posting a pic of M.O. My WIFE'S BEST FRD IS BLACK,HELLO" he tweeted.

Classssic. LOL.
@14, I think the opposite was true. It was stunt casting meant to tickle those old enough to enjoy seeing how the old Happy Days cast had aged. Ron Howard narrated the show, Henry Winkler played a dim lawyer, so who better to play another dim lawyer than the authentically, obviously dim Baio?
@17, quite so. The "younger demographic" has no idea who the hell Scott Baio is. Even the terrible "Charles In Charge" has been off the air for 20 years.
Shhhhh, nobody tell Scott Baio why everyone's laughing.
I can't believe I'm about to correct an Arrested Development joke, but I just watched one of the Scott Baio episodes. @14 was referring to Bob Loblaw saying he skews toward a younger demographic when the Bluths hire him. Which is itself a reference to why he was brought on Happy Days. I'm a dork.
One thing I didn't get about the whole Jezebel thing is... why was he even originally pissed that they posted his tweet? There wasn't any commentary associated with it, Jezebel just pulls 10-20 "interesting" celebrity tweets every day into a round up (interesting is in quotes for obvious reasons).

I mean, now, it is apparently "on", as the kids say, but why get mad that they essentially re-tweeted on their blog?
@20, whoa! @14, I bow down.
@20, I apologize for being gullible and stupid. Burned! You are a master.
If only I could roll with an entourage of blacks and lesbians. Being a racist sucks.
Chachi is Happy Days' Scrappy Doo.
The American rags-to-riches story:

Guy gets series of lucky breaks , resulting in fame and money. Guy, who is still too young to have developed any self-awareness or sense of perspective, concludes his good fortune is earned, the result of merit rather than dumb luck. Guy adopts belief system that assures him that people get what they deserve because of a Divine Plan. Guy develops rock-solid sense of entitlement derived from this belief that he didn't just stumble across a pot of gold under a haystack in the barn, he was guided to it by the hand of the Almighty. Guy feels comfortable criticizing people who aren't as lucky as himself for being "lazy."

Guy develops bad attitude about paying taxes because he worries people who don't deserve it might get a few percentage points of a penny of his money.
his wife ripped into a buddy of mine on Facebook over some tweets a couple of weeks ago, she has way too much spare time on her hands
@27 FTW. For real. I always liked the expression "born on third base thinkin' he hit a triple", but your description of Baio is perfect....
Sadly we haven't heard from the most important person in this skirmish yet--- Buddy! Where is the wisdom of Willie Aames, now that we need it the most!
This is not the first time Scott Baio has lost his shit on Facebook or Twitter. Apparently he takes the internet very seriously. I guess if I didn't have a job I would too.
Scott Baio is calling people lazy? Christ, the only work he's done since Charles In Charge was some tacky reality show awhile back. A 20 odd year span between jobs does not exactly scream "Work Ethic" if you ask me.
what is he holding in his hand? a flashbulb? an award? a cellphone from 1987? a jar of his classy piss?
I was actually in a movie with him when I was in high school. I was an extra in an after school special they filmed at our school. Everyone was pretty excited about him being there; my best friend was convinced that he would fall in love with her when they met. Anyhoo... I found him to be kinda short for my tastes (something they can hide in a TV show, I guess). And, I just assumed he was gay since he was a little swishy.

I hope he doesn't come after me for saying that.
Thank you, Scott Baio, for paying for the military budget in my place. Because, whatever would we do without it?
I have no idea who Scott Baio is (apparently it may or may not be an age thing?) but @29, I am encountering that "third base/triple" expression for the first time and I fucking love it to bits. Thank you for enriching my life.
He is a gay fish.