The Trustworthiness of Beards


The cop 'stache should be with the questionable type.
I love that Werewolf is just a touch more trustworthy than the Pencil Thin 'Stach, aka, the John Waters.
It depends on if the werewolf is shirtless or if the pencil thin stach is shirtless.
Handlebar mustaches are never, ever to be trusted.
This makes no sense at all, since everybody knows that goatees are always worn by one's parallel-universe evil twin. So, they should by rights fall somewhere between Threatening and Dangerous.
Since when is a soul patch dangerous or threatening? The only danger you might face is having to feign interest while he talks for too long about his friend's band.
@5: Goatee-wearing evil twins are always lawful evil; there's a code that they usually have to follow, so you can usually trust that they're going to do the opposite of what they say they're going to. I find that more trustworthy than the cop 'stache. I also find the John Waters more trustworthy than the cop'stache.
I'm not going to raise a stink because facial hair styles are elective for those with facial hair. Still, it's a bummer to see the fear a bushy Brimley can inspire or the homophobia a John Waters can. I can't even wear a Van Dyke anymore without complete strangers confiding in me. Not cool. FIGHT BEARD & MUSTACHE PREJUDICE! Totally putting that on a sign at the next protest.
Comte is correct; evil twins from a parallel universe, baseball players, and Sierra Nevada drinkers are prefer this suspicious design. They aren't to trusted.
Question: what exact style do "beardos" wear?
There needs to be some sort of clear notation that only clean-shaven dudes are completely trustworthy. Beards mean you're hiding something.
@11, quite so. Besides, the only style of beard I CAN grow, the "specks of dirt" model, isn't even on the chart.
beards are for winter. it's spring. shave, hipsters.
what? no starburns?…
i dont have a beard, i wish i have one, i really wanted one to grow on mine.