Perfect Weather for Sitting by a Fire


Oh man, this IS perfect weather for that. But I have a friend in town so I'll have to give this one a miss. See you guys next month!
This is why I could never live in Seattle. "Perfect weather for sitting by a fire?" Shit, it's almost May. I guarantee that nobody in Denver is sitting by a fire. (Give it another couple of weeks and we may be sitting by a swimming pool, though.)
Change this friggin' photo, PLZ. It looks so boring, the 26th time.
Anyone who doesn't believe in the Seattle freeze need look no further than this event.
Actually it's perfect weather tonight to watch Felix pitch at Safeco.
*sob* I so wish this wasn't on Wednesdays. That's our scheduled maintenance day at work, so I have to stay late patching servers.
I dare you to show up for this with a Harlequin romance or a copy of Stuff or Maxim. Or some kook Birther or Truther tome.
I will buy someone a drink if they show up with Stuff or Maxim. That would make me happy.
I went and it was too crowded. Even before 7pm, people were sitting on the floor because the seats were all taken. The Sorrento is usually cozy, but the packed room made it feel cramped. It would probably be a great place to read on a non-reading party night.

Came back around 8:30 and everyone was talking as though it were any other bar. I decided reading in public is too hard for me and next time will stick to fancy cocktails at home with my cat.