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Thank you, Brendan! You're so far the only journalist showing enough heart to say anything about this pretty obvious demonstration of what Seattle thinks is important.
maybe a cop will pull over a hydroplane or a rocket and give them tickets for begging aggressively. Then again, I work with a non-profit and we beg pretty agressively, too, sometimes.
If public money was involved I would agree however these are private business doing things that are primarily in the interest of themselves and their customers
It's all or nothing. A zero sum game. Until homelessness is completely solved no one has the right to spend so much as a single second enjoying themselves or thinking about anything else.

I assume that none of the people pretending to be upset by this example of "confused priorities" is going to drink a beer, eat a sweet, or watch a band play ever again. And a video on your iPhone -- my god, you don't really have an iPhone, do you? Nice one, Caligula. That money should go towards solving social ills. ALL of it. Right?
Hey Fnarf - Fuck You.

Taking away due process rights from anyone is wrong, even the homeless. Being concerned about this is a good thing, and the Stranger staff should be commended for bring this to the focus of their readers.

Lord knows the Times sure as shit wouldn't have.
The Stranger staff is on fire today.

Spend your money as you see fit, we will continue to do the same.
Meanwhile, we spent this April fighting about which social services to cut and whether to legislate away panhandling.

Yeah, so obviously the city government should have taken $40k out of social services to pay for some fucking hydroplanes.
@8, read the item again.

Fnarf, drink your beer and use your phone all you want. No one's demanding $500M or $40K from you, or me. But if millionaires happen to have that amount of disposable money, it could be used for better purpose than blowing things up in the water or wrecking things in the water. That was the suggestion. Millionaires actually do give money for helping people survive, and they don't demand that no one drink beer or they won't give money.

You're usually a little more rational than this. Have some beer and relax.
All right!

Now if they just cancel the Torchlight Parade and keep the fun parts going for the Fourth of July and the speedboats, we can just enjoy living in the city.

By the way, 66 percent of people polled in our state support an income tax on the rich. Just thought you'd like to know.
I don't think we should spend anymore on our rather coddled poor people until the starving children in Africa are all taken care of. Do you realize that the 10,000 it costs to provide housing for one low income person in Seattle could buy enough goats to feed a village! I really don't know how people sleep at night taking money from charity or the government when there are more deserving people. Greedy bastards.
@5, I think you're in the wrong thread.

@9, how much does Duke Moscrip give to charity? Wait -- nobody knows! Then what is everyone so excited about?

There is no difference between Moscrip giving some dough for something that he thinks is fun and you or I giving some dough for something we think might be fun except the amount of dough. People who have their panties in a bunch over this are stoopid, full stop.

I don't much like beer. I'm a wine and spirits drinker.
Hey, no one's picking up my garbage but at least I can watch fireworks!

Golf clap to Fnarf. Well said.
Get thee to the Chowder House and smoke a bowl. Win/win. (/win)
Fnarf, thanks for your attempts at injecting some sanity into this (mostly) hysterical "coverage" and "discussion".
Agreed with Fnarf 100%.
Brendan, why do you hate fireworks?
omg srsly BK you win. THANK YOU!! I was just having this same argument with... oh... everyone I know.... fuck $40k fireworks when people sleep on the streets. ummmm srsly.
... excuse me... I obviously meant $500k fireworks...

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