I was going nuts listening to this story this morning. He resigned, fine. Why isn't he being prosecuted? Why are the news stories not asking why he isn't being prosecuted?
No Anthony, we petty gossiping hordes should be happy with the pound of flesh signified by his resignation alone... They arrest the Pope yet?
"The wound does not heal. Neither in me nor the victim."

Yeah, @3, every time one of these wayward clerics opens his mouth, something seriously warped falls out. This guy's juvenile narcissism and arrested development is glaringly obvious in that he not only tries to elicit attention and pity for himself, but he does it BEFORE mentioning the victim.
Oh, and you don't just "start" being a bishop, as the Vatican phrases it. It's not like, well, I lost my job as a mortgage broker so I guess I'll go back to school and become an RN. The church hierarchy is supposed to continually assess the performance of priests and monsignors in order to decide whom they should elevate to bishop; then they're consecrated in a big formal ceremony. It's a big deal because the church considers them part of the "apostolic succession." So I'd be willing to bet that paperwork exists, though it may never come to light, about his abuse of the victim he admits to, or others. Now that he has resigned, perhaps other victims will come forward.
Sorry, meant to include this link as an example of "apostolic succession."
@2, be patient--we'll get the bastard.
well, there goes that whole plausible deniability thing. at this point the church would be better off just throwing it's doors open and admitting everything.
@4: Thank you for expressing what I was thinking/feeling in a more calm, reasonable fashion.

Although I still kinda wanna throat punch the guy.
The asswipes always have the gall to ask for forgiveness. As if the victims haven't had enough taken from them, they're always asked to make the perp feel better by providing them with forgiveness, too.
So I was the first to think a tasteless "In Bruges" joke should have been the headline? I wasn't the only one, though...right? Right?


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