New Restaurants and Bars: Benbow, Bisato, Burgers, and More


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Oh god, I stayed at an Admiral Benbow Inn in Memphis, once. One of the most frightening experiences of my (admittedly pretty tame) life.
Didn't Cafe Zhivago close recently?
King Falafal hasn't been there for quite some time. A ramen place moved in over the summer.

Szechuan Bistro was burned down in October and never re-opened. This is very sad.
Nothing on the Varsity Inn in Wallngford?

Why do you hate diners that also serve authentic Mexican meals and are even owned by Mexicans?
"If you've met me in the store you know I'm passionate about organic grass fed beef. It's not just that the quality is dramatically better, it's the health benefits and the benefits to the environment and farmers. But don't just take my word for it."

That is complete BS. Local grass fed beef is MUCH worse for the environment than factory farmed beef. Instead of taking up a sliver of land for a gross factory farm and soy/corn production, the free range farms bulldoze MASSIVE swaths of land (thousands of acres) for pasture. Remember how the rainforests in South America were getting destroyed at a ridiculously alarming rate? It was almost exclusively for "grass-fed" livestock. The problem still exists, but it has lessened greatly in recent years because a lot of South American farms have converted to factory farms.

If you buy "local, free-range" livestock, you are just destroying our local environment instead of the environment in Iowa or South America. There is no such thing as "sustianable" beef, pigs, or lamb, unless you cut down your consumption to nothing or almost nothing. "Sustainable" beef and other sustainable livestock products is probably the biggest greenwashing fraud there is right now.
RIP, Szechuan Bistro. I wish you were moving into the abandoned McDonald's on Greenwood Ave instead of the Coffee Bean. I do not need a Christian coffee shop. I do need hand-shave noodle.
Is this Heartland related to the Heartland found in Rogers Park Chicago? I wouldn't suspect so except that you refer to it as "Midwestern". Maybe they're stalking Dan.
@3: The closure of Zhivago's was noted in the last edition of New Etc.

@5: What about the Varsity Inn? I like that place. It didn't close, did it?
What admin password should I use for the first "Bill the Butcher" link? Also, there's a Bill the Butcher outlet in Bryant/UVillage/Laurelhurst, on Sand Point Way.
@9, do not attempt to communicate with it.
@10: Fixed the link, and we have them all listed there for your stomach's convenience.
I have to say that bill the butcher the original in woodinville has spoiled me for life - i happily have driven to woodinville solely to purchase their insanely good jerky, ham, brats, cheese dogs, and bacon and i'll never be able to have ordinary deli meat or sub-par brats again. my cholesterol has no doubt skyrocketed since i discovered them last october and my gas bill is twice it's normal amount. thank goodness for their newly opened shops - now i can bike to go buy their meaty goodness and hopefully offset all the delicious goods i'm ingesting. PLUS: cricket cola. how come no one else sells cricket cola?! it's mighty fine.
@13: You can buy Cricket Cola at the Mezza Cafe in the Starbucks Headquarters building. Sub-par food and terrible hours, but hey, Cricket Cola.
Botticelli Cafe, on Steward between 1st and 2nd, carried Cricket Cola as of a year ago or so. The owner is great, and in addition to drinks, offers very tasty breakfast sandwiches and panini for lunch too.