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Nah, the race is over.

The iPad won.

This reminds me of the Beta-VHS wars in so many many ways.
If 1.3 million e-readers were shipped in Q1, and 53% of them were Nooks, how did the iPad "win"? 11.4 million e-readers by year's end. I don't know if that includes iPads or not (as they are not primarily e-readers), but even if it does, iPad is less than half.

You're a jerkoff, Will. The situations are not remotely similar. Though I'm sure you're still getting a lot of mileage out of that VHS you're so proud of.
actually, the article does not say that. at all.
more nooks shipped from manufacturers to B&N than kindles to amazon.

suggests a trend, but does not equal "sales".

also note, amazon does not release sales numbers for the kindle, so add that to the speculation.
Just to echo 3, come on, seriously. Do some basic fact checking.
Yet another fail from Mr. Constant when it comes to a remote understanding of business. The original blog posting lacks any facts whatsoever regarding sales (since Amazon doesn't release sales figures), and you take it a step further into the realm of irresponsibility.

Really, stick to comic books. When it comes to the worlds of business and technology you're hopelessly lost.
Uh, y'all might want to check the source before ragging on Paul for not having good sources. There's more than one way to skin a cat, and more than one way to estimate sales. Digitimes has a pretty good understanding of how the market works. Most of the tech websites y'all are used to reading rely on their reports. These figures are pretty close to the truth.
the digitimes article to not draw the conclusion that the "nook e-reader has outsold the kindle" in march.

it offers the facts of outshipping the kindle, and you can draw your own conclusion. has it already outsold it? is this an indication that it will eventually outsell it?

just say "the nook e-reader has outshipped the kindle in march."

nah, that's no fun. and it doesn't fit the narrative.

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