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Ask yourself, "What would Alexander Graham Bell do?"
I've done this for years. Besides worrying about the safety of the people driving when we call each other, it drives me rabid-ass crazy trying to converse with a driver. The driving distraction leads to long pauses, half-baked responses, wild non-sequiturs, fractured sentences...

Me: "Are you driving?"
You: "Um, what? Yeah..."
Me: *click*

MOST of my acquaintances learn quickly not to call me from their cars.
Like rob! I've done the same. Also when I found out the person was on a bus.

Nothing is THAT important, other than maybe missing a daycare pickup.
yeah, i finally hung up on my brother, who is notorious for phoning while driving. Of course, he still thinks there's nothing wrong with it.
@2 Exactly what I do with my gf, who continues to call me while she's driving despite my telling her not to.
@3: Wait, you hang up on people if they're calling you from the bus? What's dangerous about calling someone from a bus? Are they driving it?

Also, just because I haven't had the opportunity to remind you of this in a while: you're a moron.
Yes, this is a good idea.
My mother usually hangs up on me if she finds out I'm on my cell phone in the car. She says, "Call me back when you're not moving."
I should add that a) I don't do it often and b) I'm wearing an earpiece when I call.
I have also done this for years. My partner thought I was overreacting until her best friend, who was driving while she and my partner were talking about nothing (of course), rear-ended another driver. Now my partner is finally doing the same and I'm suddenly not such a stupid, judgmental asshole. Funny how that works.
@10: Hehe.

I don't drive a lot, usually for leisure, and when I do, my boyfriend's always with me. I tell him to answer my calls for me.
Sorry about the lack of clarity above: My partner and her best friend were talking on the phone from different cities. The best friend was driving; my partner was at home.

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