Google to Start Selling E-books This Summer


The big question on my mind is: will there be an app for that on Android?
I will read my books using those other Google blockbusters, Google Wave & Google Buzz.
I think they're trying to push the envelope here. This is the future they want; whether its the future that'll work or not remains to be seen. I think they're a little premature, though. But they have so goddamn much money they can afford to fail a few times for every one they get right.
Keeping the book in the cloud actually makes a lot of sense for certain things. First of all you won't need to be constantly connected to the internet. They can send 10 pages or 100 pages at a time, and then turn the connection off. The bigger thing though will be searching. You can do all of your searching on the server side and leverage all that power that Google has to make it super fast.
Also, keep in mind this fact about Google books:

Basically Google can sell any book published before 2009 without negotiating seperate contracts with publishers.
All the easier to change books post-publication and post-purchase w/o necessarily the consent of the purchaser or author. Yay!
@4: I do agree that cloud books are a workable idea.

It remains to be seen exactly what all this is going to look like, but I think having a consistent internet connection is asking a bit much at this point. I assume that they do have a way around that. Google may be shaky on privacy, but they're not stupid.

And, yeah, being able to search my books is something I have wanted ever since I first went to Google.
They'd have to be pretty darn cheap e-books to compensate for bright screen, poor battery life and all the other flaws. And given the current publisher freak-out about 10 dollar pricing, I definitely don't see them being nearly cheap enough.
"First of all you won't need to be constantly connected to the internet. They can send 10 pages or 100 pages at a time, and then turn the connection off."

Books are tiny little files, compared to so much else we take for granted these days. While they may well keep everything server-side, it won't be as a space saving measure on the end-user.
Oh, I hadn't even thought of searching. I guess my experience searching on the Kindle put me off the subject -- it's worse than root canal -- painful and useless. But Google does search brilliantly. Now, if they can figure out how to keep search out of a separate window (like a Firefox page search) so you can flip through the hits really fast, and IN CONTEXT they'll really have something.
@Paul Constant #7

I don't really think the internet connection is going to be an issue. Google is not mandating what devices use this service. You laptop and phone pretty much have a persistent internet connection already. I can also imagine someone making a hardware reader that piggy backs on a 3G network in the same way that the Kindle does. It only takes a few seconds to download an entire book over 3G and then you simply turn the connection off. You want a new book or to do a search, the connection pops back on. That's not going to be a huge drain on the battery.
And the free-to-me-and-you Torrents start in 3 .. 2 ... 1 ....