The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill from Outer Space


Oh, yeah...there it is! I see it! I see it! I .....


Don't see anything...
Does anyone else find the possibility of HURRICANES OF OIL the most terrifying thing ever? It's beyond Dante and the Bible...
They're now predicting that it will eventually move out of the Gulf of Mexico and be picked up by the Gulf Stream. Know what that means? Once the oil is all over all those fancy-schmancy East Coast beaches, you'll be able to hear them screaming all the way in Seattle.
Nothing like a giant ecological disaster to wake up another generation.
Experts in the petro-maritime world know this disaster could have been prevented if BP had installed a device costing $450 thousand (which in Europe they have) but decided they didn’t need in the Gulf.

Because they're cheap, inconsiderate bandersnatches. Just like coal mine owners and Halliburton execs who make cost-cutting, life-killing decisions, and go all mealy-mouthed before the inevitable Congressional committee who will smear their hands with an Oil of Olay spill or a lump of coal, letting them go on their lethal, shameless way.
BP is hoping a hurricane washes it all away.
maybe the hurricane will lift the oil and spread it over the midwest and south. think positive.
So is Louisiana like totally getting f'ed by god for victories by its football teams? after LSU gets a BCS campionship, Katrina, after Superbowl oilpocalypse
Meanwhile, Nashville is underwater for days and Slog doesn't even seem to notice
Here is a spot to submit Ideas on curbing the flow of oil at Alternative Response Technology or http://www.alternativeresponsetechnology…
I think that the oil companies are discusting! They are the ones to blame for this. Us humans are trashing our home!
Humans are trashing there home!!!!!!!!!! I bet that you did not know that there is a trash pit in the middle of the pacific ocean the size of texas!!
people need to get off of there lazy ass and take care of the earth!!!!!