Latest Poll: Murray Beats Rossi by 17 Points


If she has such a comfortable re-election ahead, why won't she sign onto a repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell so that LGBT servicemembers can serve openly?

Cantwell has. Murray hasn't.…
Isn't it a bad sign that Murray's numbers aren't budging even as the opposing candidates' numbers descend in order of obscurity?
Would help if Rossi was at all enthusiastic about running. Remember when Gary Locke decided not to run a 3rd term? You had 4 or 5 democrats, that day, announce their run for Gov. It took days for Republicans to respond "Yeah, sorta, maybe", then a month later did Rossi announce his run.

He doesnt want to run for Senator, its pretty obvious. Either that or he just doesnt have the money and wants to wait until the last minute to announce and just run on the fact that he'll have an (R) next to his name.
I'm surprised it's only 17 points. I would have guessed around 25 points, actually.
Does King 5 have a right-wing slant? I swear every time I see that Allen Schauffler guy talking about politics he sounds like he's coming straight from a Tea Party rally. What's his deal and how much sway does he have over there?
Laterite, can it be that some in this town will only vote for those with a "D" after their name?