Republicans on Why Terrorist Watch List Members Should Get to Keep Their Guns


Idiot. As if The Constitution were as ripe for cherry-picking as that other written thingie the Far Right keeps using to justify their idiocy: The Bible.

Oh, wait. They cherry-pick from that one too!

Well, at least their consistent in their inconsistency...
Only the Second Amendment means campaign contributions. So screw all those other hippie liberal amendments.
The "terror watch list" has no due process. You can't deprive someone of a right without due process. Sorry, bud, but whether you like it or not, that really is in the constitution.

And that's all I'm going to say on this one.
It is a bit of a tricky issue, they might be on a watch list, but without evidence, conviction, legal procedures etc, there is not a legal reason to deny an otherwise legal sale. And we all know how accurate those watch lists are anyway...

They don't give details on what kind of explosives in the article, but the fireworks the failed bomber purchased obviously didn't do the job. If we let them buy those and fail, we can catch them before they get some real explosives!
Sure, you can carry a gun all over the place if you're on the watch list, but just don't try to bring a 12 oz. bottle of Evian on a plane.

Sometimes, the road to stupidity is paved with good intentions...
Don't try to bring a gun on a plane either. This isn't about what you can bring on a plane.
5280 @6, it's possible your missing what makes the quote so giggle-inducing. The senators in question, these are the guys who were entirely ok with torturing terror suspects who had not been convicted. This sudden delicacy about the constitution, well...

It's like saying, we will throw in jail anyone who write a letter to the editor critical of the mayor, but we'll make damn sure he'll have access to a prison chaplain of his chosen denomination. Religious freedom is in the constitution, you know!
Republicans are so ass-backwards confused at what they're supposed to believe at this point that they don't even know whether they should scratch their watches or wind their asses.
What #4 said. The fact that Lindsay Graham is wrong about the Fifth Amendment doesn't mean he's wrong about the Second. Before terror suspects are deprived of ANY constitutional rights, I want judicial process. I'd also love to know what the fuck gets you on that list.
Eric @7, yeah, you're right, I missed that nuance. And it is funny. Sorry if the thought of someone banning guns without due process gets me too riled-up to see any humor in it.
What's the point of a "terrorist watch list" if it doesn't restrict the alledged terrorists from obtaining and using the tools of terror? And if they are judged patriotic (or whatever) enough to have access to such things, what the fuck are they doing on a terrorist watch list?
Seems the government wants to have their cake and eat it.