Rekers' Rentboy: We Had Sex, Rekers Is Gay


I am shocked and surprised by this sudden turn of events.
So the whole creepy 'cure your homosexuality' thing is a scam homosexuals foist on each other?
In the future can you girls handle this internally without involving the rest of us?
Did any of us really suspect anything different? But seriously. How much is a long stroke and where can I get one?
In other shocking news, it's not 2011 until January.
I thought prostitutes were paid to keep their mouths shut.

This process of outing our enemies will return someday to bite us in the butt. Some day, we will hear parables about the evils days when Liberals lead pink-baiting crusades against people who disagreed with them.

That said, Rekers deserves everything he gets.
@5: spitzer didn't get much confidence from his ho, either.
It is stupid and annoying that he can't admit to actually having sex with Rekers for fear of being prosecuted for prostitution.
@5, it's only going to bite people in the butt who spend forty years shaming and torturing people into destroying themselves.

Rekers deserves everything he's getting and more. He's not going to fucking jail, where he belongs; he's just going to lose some face and some lucrative expert testimony checks. Maybe. Fucking Florida is probably going to keep hiring the bastard.

Think I'm being to extreme, "torturing"? Maybe you missed the news article yesterday, about the cattle prods being used on autistic children. This guy, and his associates, is a motherfucker in the ninth degree.
Bravo Lucien- you did the right thing! Another Closeted Ant-Gay Christian Fundie bites the dust!

“Like Jesus Christ I deliberately spend time with sinners with the loving goal of trying to help them”

Rekers’ taking the lords name in vain is a smoke and mirror trick a lot of bible molesters use when they're caught red handed. Like Tom Delay who was arrested for conspiracy and money laundering and then told his constituents that in his mug shot they would “see the face of Jesus”.

I’m sure if hell actually existed there would be a special and much more heinous place for people of this ilk to be tortured for all eternity.

P.S. To Lucien- now go do something about that hair…
@9 it's not about 'outing' , it's about lying. you promote yourself as a public servant, who makes money from convincing the public that you're about one thing, taking your money made from that public deception, go to a public website for 'escorts' to purchase services that run counter to the ideas that you profit from, end up getting photographed in an airport open to the public with aforementioned 'escort'.. it's justa matter of time before you get discovered. the closet rekers was in is so shabby it makes one if this was more a cry for help..or attention
So along with this and numerous other such affairs, where would you currently set the (Bayesian prior) probability of:

Given an public figure who has striven to limit/reduce the legal rights of homosexuals and/or established programs to "turn homosexuals back to heterosexuality", what is the expectation that he himself actually homosexual?

...and is there a Dan Savage approved name for this situation? (Rekerism?)
this is amazing. Lucien is very brave to speak out against such a hypocrite man.

You guys should all watch Outrage.
Fuck, that gay hooker really looks ugly and faggy.
I think his hair is cute...just needs a little conditioner and product..I like BioSilk.
@5: He's not a prostitute, he's a baggage handler. He's not supposed to talk about the job he was hired to do,so you'll notice he did not include a critique of the luggage, or complain about the staircases he had to carry them up. The gay "backrubs" were just incidental, and therefore not part of the standard bellhop confidentiality code.
Right fucking on, Lucien. You did the right thing. Thank you for outing this hypocritical bastard. This fucking destroyer of souls, whose advice to the parents of an "effeminate" four-year-old was to hit him until he learned not to. This was his healing cure.

I hope this kid got paid well for that interview. He deserves to get rich for bringing that fucker down.
I was struck by how quickly the Family Research Council pulled Rekers' bio from their web site, but it occurred to me that so many of these fuckers are closet cases, that these groups now have contingency plans for dealing with these situations. Distancing themselves from their closeted brethren is priority # 1.
IgorM. (McClure? Troy McLure?) "You may remember me as such trolls as Loveschild, Ecce Homo, and '.'"
I'll bet Rekers will apply some of the "therapies" to himself, claim a miraculous cure, and in a contrite voice announce that he'll go on his crusade to free the earth of this... disease... that toched even HIM!
I love that we are getting to a point where any anti-gay crusader is going to be assumed to be a huge closeted gay. Keep up the good work, Dan.
I would also like to point out- in case there are any doubts- that the sin here is not that Rekers is a big ol' FAGGG, it's that Rekers set himself up as a “Christian” Adversary to an alleged Gay Agenda. He was instrumental in forming hateful and discriminatory policy and regulations that prevented GLB tax paying American citizens to fair treatment and equal rights- that in addition to his claim that the Ghey is something that is curable (probably the worst of his crimes).

Rekers is an A-hole of the first order.
umm.. sorry @9. @15. i meant @5
@19, spot on. I was thinking the same thing. The grad student Troll Experiment Team have added a new identity. Explains why we haven't heard from LC lately despite much temptation.
Powerful closet case hypocrites have been around forever and will continue to be around forever. Nothing in this situation will prevent the next closet case from trying to become powerful.
Is Charlie Crist a hypocrite or just a closet case? How strong of an anti-gay agenda do we require before outing becomes exposing?
normally im not a fan of these fairly petty stories about obvious hypocrites that are just grown up blogging excuses to surround the fat person on the playground and point and laugh but...

how do you not love a story that contains the line, "Rekers allegedly named his favorite maneuver the "the long stroke"—a complicated caress "across his penis, thigh... and his anus over the butt cheeks," as Lucien puts it."

hahahahahahahahaha ok i'm done now, all of you, and especially savage, go be fucking mature adults for once.
@24 Loveschild has been absent since someone suggested her husband was a "reformed" homo-sexy-al. Maybe she was married to George Rekers!!!
@ 27 - Normally, I'm all for dispassionate, reasoned discourse and acting like adults.

This time around? Well...

Thanks for the mid-morning, eye-crossing, toe-curling details.

/btw/ I strongly recommend Infusium 23.
24 & 19 I disagree- about LC anyway. I have a theory that Loveschild AKA HATESchild was none other than the Rev. Ken Hutcherson. LC disappeared from the Slog after these two Slog stories were posted (and ohhhh, what a smell of sulfur)...……

Coincidence? Hmmmm...
"the long stroke"—a complicated caress "across his penis, thigh... and his anus over the butt cheeks..."

So that's what Rekers meant by "sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ." Anyone have a Bible I can borrow?
In order to execute the long stroke, did he have to lift his baggage out of the way?
"the long stroke"—a complicated caress "across his penis, thigh... and his anus over the butt cheeks..."

Now known as The Rekers.

@33 Only the two pieces of carry-on...
Craig, Reckers...fucking turd polishers
Loveschild was probably simply banned, like I was. I'm posting this from a phone because Slog does not post the comments submitted by my home IP address. Like it or not, Dan silences critical voices on his blog
And still....there is no headline about George Rekers on
...makes you wonder who Matt Drudge is gonna be caught with.
Like it or not, Dan silences critical voices on his blog

There are "critical voices" and then there are trolls. Loveschild is the latter, even as s/he pretends to be the former.
@37 If you want critical voices, head over to the "You Don't Say" thread from yesterday (…) ...going strong at midnight, resumed at 5am, if those aren't "critical voices"...?
Jon Stewart: "Yes, I believe they read extensively from the Book of CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHK."
Obviously Rekers is a Protestant. No Catholic churchman would be interested in someone as old as Lucien.