Some Couples Have Very Different Understandings


Soooooo tongue-in-cheek, Dan. Oooops!
Lesbian relationships are comedy gold, apparently.
Like most divorces, it is the children's fault.
I blame U-Haul.
Chely feels wholes. And they both sing. And they both have holes inside, too! I vote they put out a country album together.
None of this would have happened if they'd been gay married men. Then the only thing they'd've had to worry about was the government stealing all their stuff.
It takes some people a while to figure out that the proposition of the Platonic Ideal that your partner should make you whole is an absurd fallacy. People would have much better relationships if they didn't freight their friends and SOs with the additional weight of carrying old baggage or filling psychic holes.
some people just can't grasp the benefits of their partner's holes being community property....
I don't know jack shit about lezbo marriages. But I'm pretty good at filling holes.
Monogamy never works the way you expect it to.
Oh god. I had to read that about three times to understand it.
I still don't get it. Please explain!
Stupid monogamy.
This would be a lot less gross if it weren't Melissa Etheridge.
Melissa Etheridge is a very special person and entitled to use whom ever she wants to meet her selfish needs. Her pat, politically correct description of her seperation is so contrived and manipulative. This is what happens when to many lesbians throw to much money at one of our own....oh wait.....she's better than us and deserves better.
@7 - ITA! I get the joke, haha, holes, and everything. But my first thought after I recovered from my juvenile snickering was, "No one person can meet ALL another person's needs, idiot."
Not filling my holes: totally a deal-breaker. Hole filling is mandatory.
@9 I don't know, I get the impression that you fill the hole, then you empty it, then you fill it again, then you empty it again and keep repeating the process like someone who can't make up his damn mind. Then at the end the hole is unfilled again and you have left the work site a sticky mess.

Seems like if she wants the hole filled permanently she is going to have to invest in some high quality waterproof caulk.