The Miracle of Birth


If you flush that glass of water down the toilet with the eggs would that count as an abortion?
First, congratulations.

Second, our son was born up on the hill at OHSU and we had this huge crowd of doctors, residents, students, etc. I remember Mr. Kim in Portland jokingly asking which was the machine that went "ping". Good times, good times.
Pour them into your pumpkin!
Drink them and see if they come out your ass.
*Spoiler Alert*
They don't have crowns.
Nor do they look anything like that picture on the package. Prepare to be disappointed.
Once born, stir-fry with oyster sauce, pour over brown rice. Serve with Sake and pickled ginger. Mmmmmmmm...
You mean, be prepared to be AMAZED at how quickly they become adults and start boning non-stop!! Make sure you take the time to explain to your sea monkeys about the birds and bees before it's too late!!!
Wow! Wow Sea People- just a few more days and these Sea Peeps will take you away from this crappy goddamn planet full o' hippies!…
@8, I believe you meant "just a few more days before they start to die," because there's no food for them in that glass.
Get them a pet goldfish to teach them about responsibility.
In your FACE, BP!
Keep those away from teh gays. Sea Monkeys aren't puppies.

Are sea monkeys entitled to child support?

If so, you're in for a heap of pain.

@11 But the goldfish might eat the sea monkeys...reminds of the time a friend of mine in grade school went away for a few weeks and threw a big handful of mealy worms into his little green lizard's tank...and came back to find the mealy worms had hatched into beetles and had eaten the lizard, ew.
Check out the wikipedia page for the inventor of Sea Monkeys, Harold von Braunhut -- he became a pretty serious white supremacist.

This article about him is one of the funniest things I've ever read:…
@10 I am going to sound like I know wayyyy too much about raising sea monkeys, but that's only because I did it once in high school to great success, if you can be successful with a tiny plastic tank full of nasty sea-fleas. But the eggs come with "food" and then there is a delightful and mysterious packet of food-product for you to feed them! Totally works! I think the key to success is starting out with purified water...
I think I inhaled some of the monkey-powder whilst Dominic and I were, um, spawning. I feel funny today!
Only stars and mammals are "born". These things hatch.
Just sent pics of my babies out on the town in Amsterdam at the great club Prik! And boy do some of them have some big sacks! Had to turn away the rentboy baggage carrier one of them ordered for the trip. :-P