Re: Is Graffiti Ruining Your Life?


If someone's art improves upon what was there before, I welcome it.

And this example is certainly better than 99% of graffiti which is nothing more than an homage to some stupid adolescent male's ego.

But 3 stones? Not clear this is an improvement.
Graffiti isn't ruining my life but talking about it on the internet sure as hell is.
I can't say I give a shit about graffiti 'art', but the dumb ass tagging and gang shit is ugly and annoying.
Yeah, taggers suck.

Lame reporters glorifying them as street radicals sucks even more.
what was that supposed to be art of?
You see graffiti and become physically annoyed by the sight of it?
Maybe it's time to prioritize?
Graffiti is annoying. Listening to privileged white urbanites with superfluous liberal arts degrees get all pretentious about how much they are able to appreciate graffiti art makes me physically ill.