Borders Gets In On This Whole "E-Book" Thing


These things are going to be $49 pretty soon.
Agree that the Kobo is an attractive device both for its simplicity and its price. Being sold in Canada since May 1 by Chapters/Indigo. But reviews are highly critical of the functionality of the blue button, which is apparently very easy to misengage.
Chapters has been selling them like crazy up here...a friend of mine got one and loves it. I'll keep my nook, but both are great devices.

Still love the e-ink, and wouldn't trade it for an LCD screen.
Ha. I love my Sony Reader, but (a) I paid $200 for it, (b) I bought it at Borders,and (c) it turned out that the Borders and Sony stores do not overlap at any point -- so for instance I couldn't use the Borders Reward Points I earned buying the Reader to buy e-books for my Reader at the Sony bookstore (and Borders has/has had no e-book inventory). Oh, it's all just too silly.
It's not the price of the reader that's keeping me away. It's the price of the e-books. Srsly, publishers, if you want e-books to take off, you should be pricing them lower. Half the price of hardcover isn't a great enough deal to get me to buy in. Half the price of paperback is.
I've been looking for a cheap e-ink reader with extensive file format compatibility (or hackable to support more). Being able to read comics in b&w would have really excited me... seven years ago. I'm leaving the country for a year (or more) and have a stack of books that I want to take with me, but I can't really sacrifice the suitcase space. Bookstore / market selection really doesn't matter to me, as I have no problem pirating e-book versions of books I already own.
I got the Kobo from Chapters and it's great. Extremely simple, easy to use, looks good and feels good. The blue button is no problem at all. It's an e-ink reader with no bells and whistles, at a great price. There aren't a ton of titles in the bookstore, but I think that will change very quickly. And I like the ethic of Kobo. They support formats that work on many devices (ePub, PDF) and they provide reader software for other devices such as Android phones and iPhones. They even support linux! I have the desktop application running under Ubuntu.
And yes, I've read many comments online from people using the Kobo with Calibre.