Lunchtime Quickie: Today in Stupid American Tourists


Well that was Dutch and presumably Amsterdam so for all we know he was tripping balls.
It's like a bar bathroom, but outdoors and with roving lady reporters with fashionable hair!

The bar bathroom thing reminded me of Dan and Terry's meet-cute story, which gets some press in the NYT today in a profile of the upcoming Off-B'way muso "The Kid" based on Dan's book.

Dan's quoted - amazed no Slog post on this yet!…

I love the four-way urinals they put on the street corners in Amsterdam when they have big celebrations (i.e. Queen's Day, Gay Pride, Y2K etc)...

THAT was a teabagger btw.
ok, i had to watch that without sound but.... that guy just tried to wash his hands in piss. why do they have standing piss? it must reek....
I like the Dutch word for urinal that sounds like Piss Buck.
dutch is such a funny sounding language. sounds like they're constantly clearing their throats.
what? if pee is sterile then washing your hands in pee = sterile hands, right?
@2 - that hair is not fashionable in any way.
If that stall was at the Eagle, they would provide Dixie cups.

@8, it is, but admittedly only among the not-quite-a-keffiyeh crowd.
Well who puts a urinal right next to a toilet? I mean come on.
The second-most sad thing in that was how the newswoman seamlessly switches from Dutch to English and back to Dutch... and everyone around her understands her.

And what makes it sad is not that she knows English but that most Americans likely don't know more than a bare smattering of any foreign language.

Oh well. I am so going to start using the word "Piss-bock" now anytime I need to take a leak.
Best Lunchtime Quickie in a while. Truly classic.
Why did he shove his hands in there in the first place???
@11 That's what I was thinking. And really, some of the bathroom and plumbing arrangements they have in various places in Europe aren't particularly intuitive.
since i'm dutch i can shed some light.
she is making an item on the "festival life" and goes to check out of clean the toilets are.
she comes at the urinal, pis bak in rude (ie standart speaking) dutch, and sees that its clogged because some ppl dumped their plastic cups in it.
She is just joking that you could fill one of the cups and sell it as beer (since its all yellow and fomey) when the american guy comes out and washes his hands in it.
upon understanding what he did in front of the camera the guy goes back in to the portotoilet where it important to know that in there there is no place to wash your hands either (thats always, to actualy prevent people to piss in it when there is an line, a bit further away from the toilets at the exit of the toilet area)
@16: I keep hoping he's looking for hand sanitizer, which you can find in honey buckets across this great land. Either that, or he's hiding his face, which is an equally valid reason for seeking sanctuary in the blue box.