Rekers' Rentboys: How Many Well-Hung Skeletons Are In His Closet?


Drip, drip, drip.


Grant! Swat him with a rolled up newspaper for me!
I love this story. So fun! Keep the details "coming" (heh heh..)
What? You mean this wasn't the first and only rent-boy Rekers has ever used in his entire life? I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you!
"I never kissed, sucked dick, or got fucked."

what the fuck did he do that was worth paying for?
Um... there's a lot that he could've done even with those carve outs. Erotic massage, getting his dick sucked, doing the fucking, being rimmed, BDSM, etc.
@4, my guess is some version of the Lucien Long-Stroke?
This Chazonator person you link to seems quite authoritative and straightforward for a self-described "Singer-Songwriter-Video producer-Equality activist-parent-friend-lover-real person."
What's up with the Ted Haggard mention??
Oh please let it be a Tiger Woods type of thing, pleasohpleaseohplease...

Kudos to this guy. He could have stayed quiet and no one would have been the wiser, but he choise to stand up. Well done.
huh, yeah a lot of massage in this case.

Dan, I noticed that means he would pretty much only be topping. Do you think most guys who hire whores like to bottom? Or most closet cases...
Sepiolida, in the good old/bad old days of the late 70s when I was a teenager and reading up everything I could find on homosexuality, what I read of sex work at the time was that street workers, at least, were universally straight (or said they were) and rules of no kissing or bottoming were standard. I also read that this was often negotiable despite the public claims. Today, of course, male sex workers are more likely to be openly gay.

It's also generally considered to be the case that 100% bottoms vastly outnumber 100% tops and versatile men. Don't see why that wouldn't be equally true of men who hire.
I'll say it again... I would really like to be friends with Baconcat.

I'm also really glad I'm not friends with Rekers. Although, it would be a lot of fun to be able to witness this shit storm he has unleashed on himself. Heh heh heh, karma's a bitch. Oh, and I'm assuming that by saying "...I'm not a boy" the writer of this letter meant that he's a man?
Rekers is, as Jo-Vanni said, a strange man. He never had an orgasm during these massages, even though he was "hard as a rock". I'm guessing he can't -- he must masturbate later. Seriously repressed and desperate.

BTW, Dan's going to be on CNN tonight with Roman and Anderson Cooper:
I think Rekers will be the new poster boy for closeted Anti-Gay hypocrites...

And, ummmm, Dan?

Let's hear more about the "Well-Hung" part you mentioned...
Don't buy this new guy's story. Sounds like a wanna-be to me. Wish it wasn't.
Anyone catch this bit? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black...

Before I describe my encounter with Rekers, in as much detail as possible, I want to make something very clear. I am not Mike Jones. I met Rekers one time only. I am not planning to write a book or do a one man show about my experience with him. I just want to clear the air and point out his hypocrisy, and that of those who are currently attempting to cover for him. Furthermore, Rekers is no Pastor Ted Haggard. Those who know me are aware that Ted Haggard has become a friend of mine. I believe Ted Haggard is a faithful husband to his wife. He is a dedicated Christian, and he is no enemy of gays. Ted Haggard has apologized, extensively, to the LGBT community for any intolerance of us that he caused before he was outted by prostitute Mike Jones. Yes, it’s a small world, friends, but not small enough to equate me to Mike Jones or Ted Haggard to George Rekers. With that in mind, here’s what happened.
Rekers must tell himself that if he doesn't come during the session then he is not having actual sex.
Oh! Then I'm a virgin!
I don't know. This guy could be very much on the up and up but, being the non-paid man-whore that I am, I can barely remember the people I had an "encounter" with 6 months ago. You mean to tell me that this whore remembers all those details from years ago? I hope he is telling the truth. And I hope more come clean about it if there are indeed others out there. I would suggest we exercise caution in accepting those claims.
Dan you should dig around a bit on the rest of this guy's blog before you bet too much on his credibility — he doesn't seem very reliable.
I'm with @9. I hope the roof falls in on Rekers.
I mean, after Haggard and Craig and the Ca. Sen.(I forgot his name) ad nauseum have been exposed, Reker is cooked.
Sadly, this mans teachings pushed many folks to suicide. And obviously, Rekers himself is in dire need of professional help. The human tragedy in this is sickening.
@11 thank you. i did not know that. : )
"Sadly, this mans teachings pushed many folks to suicide. And obviously, Rekers himself is in dire need of professional help. The human tragedy in this is sickening."

I'm glad someone mentioned this. Haggard may be a pathological liar, but his anti-gay resume doesn't begin to compare to Rekers' (and Dobson's). In many cases the suicide rates of NARTH and similar groups are higher than their "success" rates. It amounts to organized genocide.

In most civil rights struggles, the final attempts to stop them were the most heinous, and/or ridiculous. This is no exception.
Out them all, and let their pasty, oily, lily-white skins fry in the lard of their own hypocrisy.
They can never pay enough for the lives they've destroyed and the misery they've caused. Funny- you never see the Ted Haggards, Rekers, Craigs, etc of the world committing suicide, which is the only 'repentance' these gas-bags could do that would be enough.
Gay men are so weird. Can you imagine a female prostitute being able to set those rules?

On the other side. why aren't all gay men prostitutes if you can get away with this? If I could have women pay me to suck my dick, is there some reason I wouldn't do that? Dear Penthouse forum....