Did Q-13 Fox Suppress Police Brutality Video?


Morris got us the footage, come hell or high water. Thank you, sir!
I love Q13, they refuse to filter news through an "ethical" lens, they only run the news stories that matter. The sensational ones.
Sounds like Q13 has their priorities fucked up. An innocent man got beat and they are only concerned about their stolen footage.
I will never trust cops again.
Thank you Mr. Morris. At least you know what responsibility to the public means. Q13 doesn't.
All else aside, Q13 had a moral and ethical obligation to release this footage to the public, and they didn't do so. Did they even notify the police, the Council, the Mayor's office, or anyone else of the existence of this footage? If they were considering whether to release it, would Q13 be willing to release evidence of this, including dated notes they were actually working on the story?
I think we can all agree that Q13 has fucked up on a monumental scale.
Nice post Dom, I always like to hear the back story!
Kudos to KIRO and Jud Morris. And fuck you very much, Q13.
Well, I hope Mr Morris knows how to wash dishes because no news organization will hire him now.
Q13 has a news show?
Nice work on the post Dominic. Thanks
The cops aren't your friends. Its not their job to protect you. They exist to collect revenue for the city/state/gov and punish those who defy only the laws they deem important.

Liberals should be happy, they love making more laws.
(1) Good job Morris.

(2) Q-13 says they had no contract. Therefore, everything else they are claiming is full of shit. Without a contract, Morris owns the copyright to the video, and can sell it to anyone he wants.

(3) Fuck you Q-13.
The SPD gang unit has selected for steroid abuse since it was created about 20 years ago. I don't think I've ever seen a gang unit officer under 215 lbs, and they are some aggressive hardcore motherfuckers.
This so overblown. The cop does not kick him in the head, he kicks his hand away from his face, and the female officer did not kick him in the leg, she put pressure on his leg so he would stop moving. Come one, the kid was out at 2 am, drunk, and in the wrong place at the wrong time. If he'd been told what to do, he'd have been fine. I am Mexican and I do not take offense to what the cop said. The guy, is in fact Mexican. Shame on KIRO and Jud for stirring up the pot for nothing. These guys put their lives on the line every day and have lost lives for us. "The most important story of your life," give me a break.
Fire those shithead cops right now. Moreover, someone should find and post their badge numbers.

Home telephone numbers would be even better.

I have great admiration for anyone who can do police work. Acting like a fucking hoodlum is not doing police work, though.
Eh...this is typical cop shit. I've personally been through worse in my younger days.
I wonder who Dominic is gonna call when his pot dealer gets pissed that Big D shorted him, and sends his homeys to bust down Big D's door and smash his head in.

Whoyagonnacall, Big D? Ghostbusters?
zgirl, the cop kicked him in the head. He had abrasions on his face from the impact. And "wrong place wrong time" is a bullshit excuse.
the kid was out at 2 am, drunk, and in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Exactly! He probably wasn't even carrying his papers, and the tape clearly shows that he didn't execute a proper "Roman salute."
I am Mexican and I do not take offense to what the cop said.
Well then, case closed! They should let you re-write the police code of conduct, since you are clearly an expert on these matters.
I really think that the work Dominic Holden is doing covering the way the local media covers the police-and the drug war in particular-is so valuable and so vital to the democratic process in Seattle.

You're all very fortunate to have someone like that up there. I wish there were a Dominic Holden in every metropolitan area in the U.S.
This is a case of a guy trying to get back at the company that fired him. They guy kicked his hand. The slurs, yes I'm Hispanic, are totally unwarranted. Yes that sucks. It happens every day. Does it make it right? No. But I like how all of you jump on the bandwagon against Q 13. Funny how it always happens that way. Hold your hatred for the uncool treatment of the detainee. This feels a lot like Nazii Germany.
And Mr. Morris, maybe you won't try to be a superstar next time. You're a freelance video guy not a reporter. Leave that to the people who know how to do it correctly. Serves you right to get fired, fool.
Video is not something that can be "owned" or "illegally stolen." Video can be protected by copyright, which is a matter of civil law (not criminal law).

The original copyright belongs to the original person (the "author") who created the video, who here would be the freelancer. It doesn't matter whose equipment was used -- what matters under copyright is who made the original video. There's an exception for employees of a company who create a video or another copyrighted work on company time, but the freelancer was clearly not an employee of Q-13.


The original author can sell (technically, assign or license) the copyright to a third party, such as Q-13 here. Whether that actually happened here depends on the specific agreement between the freelancer and Q-13.

Regardless, in a case as newsworthy as this, where Q-13 was sitting on the footage for weeks and not using it, there's a very strong argument that KIRO had a fair use under copyright law to use the video. If that applies here, this provides a complete excuse to any charges of copyright infringement.
I'd love for their case to go to trial, by jury, and see anyone side with Q13 that they have the right to own news but never report it. That's the most dangerous thing I've ever heard of, and if it's not illegal it should not only be made illegal but punished by decades of community service work, or like buying a new TV station that you're forced to report local issues 24/7 for society to even consider you part of it again. This kind of act undermines the press, undermines the police department, undermines democracy, undermines our entire notion of truth, and undermines humanity. How can we have any faith in the system we created if news is never shown? How can these people sleep at night knowing they actively work against the public good on a daily basis? How many other films have they silenced to protect their political agenda? How much of our society is built on lies because members of the press refused to exercise the first amendment? It's not enough just to have a free press, the free press must grab for as much power as the government does on a daily basis, or we may as well be living in anarchy. This is bullshit.
And what the fuck was up with that female cop who stomped his kneecap for no apparent reason? Just showing she can hang with the boys, I guess.

Beware the woman cop who feels like she has something to prove.
Yet another reason not to watch Q-13 - or any other - TV 'news'.
I wish that I watched Fox so I could quit watching it in a dramatic protest. What other stories have they been suppressing? UGH!
Welcome to Sarah Palins Amercia, you betcha
"This feels a lot like Nazii Germany. "

Yeah, right. I hear holocaust survivors nodding in approval. After all, most of the survivors of Nazi crimes walked away with as little as a foot tap to the head and a couple of light abrasions.
This is not an isolated incident: http://www.PhotographyisNotaCrime.org
Everyone knows Q13 and David Rose are in bed with the Seattle Police. Its obvious why they didn't air the video, to try and keep their little relationship intact. This will blow up in their face. SPD will have to retreat from their relationship with the Q. To top it off, listening to the flat lies from the news director will catch up to him too! I hope management goes after him for both the news suppression and his lies!
@17: You are ridiculous. Guess what, I'm a Latina and I DO take offense to what they said. Furthermore, it looks to me like they were cooperating. They were rendered defenseless, verbally/racially attacked, and then physically attacked.
Way to go, SPD. I'll make sure to keep my Latina, drunk ass off the streets..don't wanna risk being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
As I understand the details, Morris probably didn't have a right to sell the video to KIRO-TV. Unless he can PROVE his time sheets do not reflect what actually happened, the video is controlled (or can be) by Q-13. This is a reality that has existed for a long time. Stringers know how this works.

I think the courts would easily find that freedom of speech includes the option not to speak or to be free from being forced to reveal information a broadcaster chooses NOT to reveal -- information for which there is no legal obligation to reveal to authorities if not the public. Editorial decisions like this are made every day and not just in broadcasting. Are they often questionable, unethical or inconsistent with a likely desire in the public to know? Yes. But, nevertheless, that's the way it is.

Those of you who write software for a living know the score. While working for Microsoft or some other company, you may have written the best little encryption program that anyone has ever seen or could see. But, the company, for whatever reason, doesn't want to use it and doesn't want its competitors to get the slightest wind of it. You, the programmer, might wish for the public to have it anyway as a public domain offering. But you can't do it, no matter how noble it might be to do it, because that software isn't yours; it's the company's to do with as they please -- even to keep it hidden away.

If you want to make Q-13 feel some heat and assuming they actually sat on the video rather than were legitimately considering whether they should air it, then challenge them with the FCC at license renewal. Get all the solid information you can before you do. State a well-rasoned case, consistent with previous decisions from the FCC on whether a TV station has met its obligation to serve the communities of its ADI (Area of Dominant Influence) as it should. This incident would not lead, barring some new evidence to the contrary not yet known, to the owners of KCPQ losing their license. But, if the case is stated well to the FCC, it might leave the station with a black (or maybe deep gray) mark on its official record (in its public file) that would give it incentive not to sit on something like this anytime soon.
Other considerations aside, the issue of journalist access to police in situations where the two groups interact IS a legitimate one. Cops, particularly in Seattle, are increasingly keeping reporters at greater and greater distances from incident scenes, thus impinging on their Constitutionally protected right to report, while at the same time, any Joe or Jane with a cellphone capable of capturing video can usually walk right up to the yellow tape and shoot away.

Seattle cops view any reporting that shows them in a negative light as an attack on their department, which is one reason why Q-13's policy is so insidious: they've essentially bargained away their First Amendment freedom to report these kinds of incidents in exchange for access to the ones perpetrating them.
Poor Dectective Shandy Cobane. He really can't help himself. He's an American. Perhaps he could be reassigned to Arizona?

News is not software. Suppressing a legitimate news story, for whatever reason, but especially if it was done for the reason being suggested - because the station did not want to jeopardize its good relationship with SPD - is flat-out a violation of the charter granted to stations by the FCC to serve the public interest. If Q-13's policy is as has been stated, then they've severely compromised their journalistic integrity. How can a viewer even begin to trust their veracity (and yes, I realize we're talking a FOX News affiliate here) if they know the station is purposefully and premeditatedly suppressing information that may be vital to that public interest?

The question at-hand here isn't whether this particular story would lead, but whether, by sitting on it for three weeks they were effectively covering for the cops caught on-tape. The fact that the incident itself has created so much controversy, and has eventually led to a tearful (even if only of the crocodile variety, IME) public apology from one of the officers involved, would certainly seem to bear out the story's general newsworthiness. Yet, none of this would have occurred had not Mr. Morris brought the footage he shot to KIRO.

Anyone with any knowledge of the news business knows that, short of an ongoing investigative story where reporters are in the process of gathering evidence of patterns of action and behavior over time, stations generally don't sit on newsworthy incidents such as this one. From what I've seen and heard so far, Q-13 has made no such claim to be undertaking such a long-term investigation, which can only lead one to conclude that their objective here was simply to bury the story and score some goodie points from SPD in the process. KIRO certainly thought it was worth running, and The Stranger (regardless of what one may think of their general level of coverage in these matters) found it worth reporting, so I don't think it's in anyone's best interests to simply take Q-13 at their word on this.

And at the very least, it sure doesn't fall very much in line with FOX's motto: "We Report. You Decide."

Or have they stopped even bothering with that pretext these days?
lame. this was the most boring "police brutality" video ever. with all the fucked up shit that goes on out there, we're actually supposed to be convinced that this is some important moment in history? i'm going to watch some taliban beheading videos to help me erase the boredom i just suffered through. peace out!
@ 39 and others, I don't believe Fox affiliates are actually associated with Fox News. If anyone has seen "we report, you decide" being used on Q-13, please say so now. Denver's Fox affiliate doesn't.
Here's KCPQ's license status. Their license expires 2/1/2015 and will be automatically renewed, unless there are enough complaints on file to warrant a hearing, and another applicant in the wings to seek the channel.

So, if you'd like to start with those cards and letters:

Please send comments via standard mail to the Federal Communications Commission, Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, 445 12th Street, S.W., Washington, D.C., 20554.
You have not even begun to see "abuse" yet... wait till Obamas's war starts, then all h3ll will break loose.
These cops are a joke. electronic cigarette
So, this is news because of... what?

My God, you tweekers are absolute wimps... leave my Cops alone.
nice to see Arizona isn't the only place with racial profiling. way to go, self-righteous seattlites! will your stupid mayor refuse to do business with SPD now?

If it's true that Q-13 indeed "sat" on this story, I'd have no problem with Q-13 feeling some heat. Yes; I agree, with anyone who would make the observation, that it strains credulity for Q-13 to say they were considering what to do with the story for a period of weeks and had not aired the video for such reason. Therefore, I offered the idea of challenging Q-13 on this at the time their license is up for renewal and in the public interest context to which you refer. But, in terms of a legal right to do what they did and of a common practice in broadcast news (in other news media as well), this stuff happens not just legally but routinely. I write this not to condone it but to simply note that it IS what it IS.

It's true that there's a distinction between what software companies can do with software and what broadcasters can do with information. Yet, when you look at this from the perspective of copyrights and what a stringer/videographer can do when working for a TV station versus what a programmer can do in context to copyrights, there's not much, if any, difference between one and the other, at least not LEGALLY. Ethics may be another matter. With ethics considered, it remains true that, unless Morris can PROVE he was off the clock and acting as an individual having no association with Q-13 when he shot that video, he had no LEGAL right to sell it to KIRO-TV. (never mind, for the moment, that, even if he had the legal right to do so and he was outraged by what he recorded as well as Q-13's reluctance to air it, there should have been no thought of SELLING it rather than simply GIVING it to KIRO-TV as his civic duty) Take Q-13 to task, if you like. It would be a good idea to do so, though, recognizing that (1) this is typical background noise in broadcasting and, (2) as bad as it looks or may be, it's not bad enough to deprive Q-13's owners of their license while it MIGHT, however, be used to insert something in their public file that sits like a poison pill for any consideration of a repeat performance. But you'd have to clearly and convincingly demonstrate Q-13 intended to sit on the story instead of dither over what to do about it. That would be a difficult task absent documentation and/or first-person witnesses who could provide evidence Q-13 intended to "suppress."
We all should write a letter to the sponsors who sponsoring Q13 news and ask them to drop sponsor it.
I certainly not to buy or use their items (sponsor's).

Now, I am afraid that they may tainted the fact they broadcast that should be only the fact, not edited story.....
No wonder, FOX never be a major station (such as ABC, NBC, CBS) and never will.

No more trust Q13 news.
Hey q13 FOX, You are a horrible right wing media outlet/propoganda machine for the John McCains, Bush era, that WAS America. I personally will never watch your station and tell everyone I know that. There is a responsibility to report the news accurately, almost like the hypocratic oath, you have a responsibility to the community. You keep filtering the truth, WAY TO GO KIRO 7!!!!!!

And that would seem to be where Mr. Morris' & Q-13's version of this differs significantly. If Morris' contention: that he used his own equipment and was on his own time, is correct, then Q-13 simply has no legal standing to prevent him from doing what he did. If Q-13's side of the story turns out to be correct, then obviously things are much less clear-cut, and I agree, Morris could be liable for violating the station's copyright vis-a-vise freelance employee's work product. But at this point, I don't see any reason, given the station's obvious backpedaling, to give more credence to their version of events than to his, since it's pretty clear they had a vested interest in not running the piece, one that goes way beyond their suggestion that it wasn't "newsworthy". So long as the matter of their cushy relationship with SPD hangs over this, they shouldn't expect to get a free pass - which I don't believe you are suggesting.

In any case, all this is probably going to be a matter for a judge to decide.
31: "Welcome to Sarah Palins Amercia, you betcha "

This happened in Seattle? SEATTLE.

Lot of Palin partisans there? Hmm? I don't think so, relative to other places. In fact, I am guessing Seattle went for President Obama last time.
Shame on the police for being so brutal... especially in America. This I'd expect with the KGB in the Soviet Union. Police brutality, for non dangerous offenders, or innocent people has no place in America. These officers should be charged, and fired.

And shame on Q13 for "being in bed with the police" and covering up this story. This TV station is part of the problem, not the solution. Just like Pravda newspaper was with the U.S.S.R.
@13, I do not think this is fair use, but an "over riding public interest", over riding the use or rights Q13 may or may not have. The public's right to know is more important than Q13's cozy relationship with the cops.
Q13 has an obligation as a broadcaster to serve the community. I think that they failed and lost any hold on the photographers footage when they said no. They are attempting to control the rights as the originator, that is hard to do since he used his own equipment.
It becomes a "he said, he said" case, and a judge will side with the public's right to know.
Q13 is traveling down loser's lane with this case.
I think 42 is hitting the nail on the head, Q13 has an obligation to serve the public in exchange for use of the public airwaves for broadcasting. They failed.
I'm writing.
Holy shit, contrarian! What are you...fucking retarded? Maybe you are just abysmally ignorant on the subject of constitutional rights in this country. Or maybe you and "your cops" can just go fuck yourself.
By the way, you idiot, Obama's war has already started and "h3ll" is already being cooked up in thirty thousand centrifuges in Iran and as soon as president Ahmanutjob has enough U-238 to stick in a black market scud and fire off to Israel, "h3ll" will be breaking lose.
How dare that guy be out late, drinking and at the same time be a minority! This is merika! No place for mexicans, Afro-Americans, Asians, Indians, gays or anyone else who we need to take our country back from! We need a lot MORE police to keep them people in line and at the same time to help sink the size of government! Palin 2012 you idgits!
Not for nothing, and I didn't see this mentioned, but this incident happened almost directly across the street from the Q13 Studio on Westlake.

The videographer was probably headed to his car and saw this going down. It is right across the damn street from Q13.
I don't care about who owns the video or not. If the kids that were being kicked were innocent then take the thugs to trial. Bizarre.
Q 13 fox fucked up and did not look out for the interest of the public. We only found out about this because it was video taped and yet Q 13 chose not to air the video. Imagine all the times our local police and this two cops that hit the victim, how many others did they hurt, and treat like shit that were not video taped. This two cops should be suspended and kicked out of the police department. One of them apologized only because the video was aired and the community found out what a croked cop he is and no other reason. Why didn't he apologize before.
I work at Q13 and I can tell you that we refused to air the damning footage because we wanted to protect our cozy relationship with local law enforcement. Our unethical and unintelligent management team decided to pass up on a great exclusive story because they thought it was more important to cover up for the crooked cops that we work so closely with on Washington's Most Wanted. Now we as a station are categorically lying about it in order to cover our asses because our stupid leaders have no integrity here at KCPQ. In general, a corporate run media cannot be trusted. All mainstream media outlets are privately owned cheerleaders and not the independent watchdog's needed for a healthy democracy. We are simply the most transparent in our bias. As a technical staff worker, I am deeply ashamed to be a part of this disgraceful organization. Jud was fired for being ethical. Kudos to him for not caving in or selling out. SPD and Q13 need to clean house and get their shit together.
How many of you realize that being a Mexican is a Nationality, not a race? You can be black, white, hispanic, any race, and be a Mexican. Or an American.
I work at Q13 and I can tell you that we refused to air the damning footage because we wanted to protect our cozy relationship with local law enforcement. Our unethical and unintelligent management team decided to pass up on a great exclusive story because they thought it was more important to cover up for the crooked cops that we work so closely with on Washington's Most Wanted. Now we as a station are categorically lying about it in order to cover our asses because our stupid leaders have no integrity here at KCPQ. In general, a corporate run media cannot be trusted. All mainstream media outlets are privately owned cheerleaders and not the independent watchdog's needed for a healthy democracy. We are simply the most transparent in our bias. As a technical staff worker, I am deeply ashamed to be a part of this disgraceful organization. Jud was fired for being ethical. Kudos to him for not caving in or selling out. SPD and Q13 need to clean house and get their shit together.
@51 Not everybody in "Seattle" is an Obama voter, moron. Just as there are plenty of conservative burbs in "communist California", there are plenty of racists that should certainly know better living and working here.

I'm sure the majority of officers are great, and many I've met here have been, but fuck everyone who witnessed this and gave this guy "professional courtesy".
KING-TV airs film of Seattle police brutality on August 9, 1968.

HistoryLink.org Essay 3507

On August 9, 1968, KING-TV airs film of Seattle Police Officers beating a suspect. Viewers see officers beat a man, crowd and insult the cameraman, and break the camera. Eighteen minutes of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson is preempted to broadcast the segment again.

Telephone calls to the station about the piece ran 50-50 pro and con. On August 12, 1968, news director Gordon Guykema decided to cut off further access to the footage because the station "did not want to get the whole thing blown out of proportion" (Helix). The station management felt that it had discharged its duty to the public. No copies of the film would be provided to requestors.

The story was not covered by either of Seattle's daily newspapers.

"Politics Is War," The Helix, August 15, 1968, p. 3.
@49-You are so far from the truth it's unbelievable. Q-13 has NOTHING to do with Fox News Channel. They are two different entities and are owned by two different corporations. Q-13 is owned by Tribune and Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdock and his cohorts. Learn your facts before you bust out your tiny-brained ideas into this already factually polluted world.
Q13 is news? sure...except news stations generally don't try to squash stories if they don't jive with their world view (in the case of fox, cops good, minorities bad.)
Q13 has the weakest news dept in town. period.
As an armed security guard at a military installation, my job is similar to a police officer (but not as stressful). It gives me the authority under the color of law to engage in activity's that under normal circumstances would be considered a felony (If I pull someone to the side and detain them against their will because of questions about their ID, I better have a damn good reason. If I did that as a Civilian, I could be charged with kidnapping!)

The power we as a society invest in our law enforcement apparatus is astounding, and yet until recently we feared very little in the way of a Pakistan or Iranian style secret police arresting or assulting us without cause. When the the Bush administration took power 10 years ago and began arresting citizens without charge and torturing them, the creeping authoritarianism began. WE NOW SEE THE RESULTS.

So far it is only those other people who have been brutalized, so maybe Q-13 figured that Mr. John Q. Citizen does not care what happens to Juan Q. Citizen. This is a major mistake.
Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black. The Stanger has been suppressing the truth about the arts and music scene for a long time now. Despite its efforts to make us believe we are a hip art city, we are not even close.
Thanks for the REAL journo, guys.
Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black. The Stranger tries to convince us that this is a hip arts and music town. It's not even in the top 10 in this country, yet they push the same local drivel week after week. Thick skin and not living in a vacuum can go a long way.
FOX NEWS: We report all the news we want you to see and hear.

---Duke & Banner
05-09-10 Mother’s Day
David Rose and Maria Arcega-Dunn are to busy making PEDO comments after a story done by a young PEDO Jew-boy reporter about time travel, black holes and worm holes. Where up skirt-style video of two young pre-teen girls in tight fitting gymnastic tights were jumping on a trampoline supposedly demonstrating and showing how black holes and worm holes can expand and contract. Right after the video showing these two preteen girls jumping up and down on the trampoline, David rose turns to Maria Arcega-Dunn and said “ how’d you like to try that” Maria responds to David enthusiastically, “Yeah, But I’d like to change a few things” then looks away in embarrassment, as David Rose could barely get out “we’ll be right back”. Are you kidding me, Maria Arcega-Dunn was basically saying she would like “to do” two young boys in this PEDO driven verbiage, on this PEDO driven story. Are you all that stupid that I have to explain the obvious to you all, well I just did. It’s clear that KCPQ is a PEDO station just like the rest of them, and just as I’m being told! The “elite’s” are all PEDOS folks, including the police, I believe, deal with it.
ya ya ya its to bad that people give in to this shit. what happend fighting back that cop knew what he was doing. and when he got cought he crys the blues he is no better then a coman bully.O please dont charge me , I will never do it again. bull you got cought were there outhers ? and would you have said anything had you not been seen.you should be locked up and striped of your job.What about the girl cop who stomped on his leg? she should fry with the outher cop why is nobody talking about her. standing there like a tropy hunter who just made a kill. comeon people this is why we dont trust in the system little man with a big chip what did you get beat up in school.
Give me a break - like there's ever an honest, "right" side of any news story? So Q13 sat on the tape, and who knows whether they were going to show it or not. But then KIRO gets the tape and immediately throws it on the air without checking facts at all, because nothing gets ratings like good ol' shocking drama - who cares if it's accurate or not? Sounds like both stations are guilty of irresponsibility. Personally, I just find it entertaining to see all these people get sucked into some stupid pissing match between two local stations. The video came out either way. No one cares which is your favorite TV channel. This will all be forgotten in a week anyway.
Now I see why the KIRO vs. Q13 battle got started! They needed something to spice up that video because it's BOOOO-RING! Yeah, the story is news, but definitely not the type of news that deserves all the hysterical national attention it's been getting. Is this really the most important thing NAACP has on its plate right now? Is this really how lame we've become, that this is the most exciting story for the better part of a week? Fuck man, we all need to get more interesting lives.

oh yay, let's all write angry letters and have Q13 shut down!
worst idea ever.
the reason why we have competing stations is so there isn't one company that has total control over the news. go ahead and make your stand every time you disagree with something a station does, and we can narrow it down to one (the one YOU like the most) and give them full discretionary power.
better yet, let's have 1 guy report all the news using video from his iphone. jud morris could do it. we'll leave it up to him and believe everything he says, because he doesn't seem the least bit untrustworthy and there's no way he has an agenda of his own.
q13: we don't report so you can't decide.
What an abuse of power! You can check out thousands of other police brutality videos like this at http://www.extremepolicestate.com

Film the bastards, and expose them!
It is a real treat to see what these bleeding heart liberals post as remarks regarding this issue. I wonder how many of these posters would be so critical if the police were to save their sorry ass in a time when they are assaulted by one of these "bad guys or gals?"

Minority Groups, yoo hoo! What steps does your community take to educate your community and work directly to reduce the crime rate and help young folks in your group to grow out of that bad habits that you seem to tolerate until there is trouble. Then you call for fairness!
First of all every camera digital or otherwise has a distinct video signature. The camera used to record that or any footage can be traced. He can prove or disprove his case in court. However, if there was "no written contract" between him and the television station, then regardless if he was on the "clock", payed per diem or not is irrelevant. A person could borrow a camera from a friend and shoot video but that does not mean the video belongs to the lender of the camera in the sense of the law. In the sense of ethics, if he was "employed" and a payed employee during specific shifts or per diem and given legal notifications not only as a stringer then there is definite ownership rights implied to the station. In contrast the station did not act with urgency to utilize the footage that the stringer obviously uploaded to the stations computer system attempting to sell it to the company. One way or the other the television station must prove it's legal ownership with evidence and has so far not provided the solid contractual proof to mount their claim. The other station which did air the video has provided contractual agreements showing their purchase of the rights to air the video. Clearly the one station did not air the video in a timely manor and therefore had no intent of utilizing something which they wanted to covet or suppress for anterior motives. Put aside any other legal alleged matters against the camera operator in connection with use of the stations cameras, without a specific contract, the station in question has no specific rights to the video source or copy. Prove ownership by disclosing the contract, produce the evidential contract against the cameraman or fore go ownership rights altogether regardless of intent to use.