You Guys Are Never Gonna Guess Who Made Fortune Magazine's "Ten Most Accountable Big Companies"


Uhm... that article seems to be from 2008.
As a former shareowner of BP PLC, I have to agree on the accountability to shareowners.

We got to vote on executive compensation, they disclosed risk factors, and their annual reports and filings were way better than any other oil or coal firm I've invested in.

So, strange as it might sound, they deserved the listing.
@2 you've seriously invested money in oil and coal? or are you joking?
@1, yes--do not depend on this hipster news funnel for real news. it specializes in inaccuracies, speculation, and gossip, and sex-writers who endorse illegal Dan, we will never forget this, no matter how many mea culpa you perform. Idiot/sucker.
@3 - you have too. If you bought any Energy fund, or the S&P 500, or a total market fund - you own oil and coal companies.

Except YOU don't get to vote for the shareholder resolutions or the board members.

Now, do you feel all nice and vegan green, Andy Squirrel?