Welcome to Seattle!


that place rules...
Except the sign doesn't say, "Welcome to Seattle." That would be out of place.
Welcome to Cascadia.
I tried their hemp soft serve for the first time yesterday. It is awesomely delicious.
their hemp soft serve rules!!
But where can I get vegan hemp cupcakes (along with free wifi)?
Seattle has its fair share of vegan freaks, but there are plenty of concealed gun carriers and red meat eaters too...
don't forget the Vegan concealed gun carriers. we're out here too.
could be in arcata, too
I like red meat. I don't have a gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack.
For the Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free crowd, that softserve is very, very good.

15th and Madison:

Lemme tell you what, chocolate hemp milk is the most delicious thing on the face of this gawdforsaken rock, so I bet the softserve is amazing. :D
Cupcake Royale, Molly Moon's, Blackbird, Zaw, Glassybaby, Healeo, Oddfellow's, Smith... All places for deeply boring people who have only vague notions of "sustainability" and "supporting local business" but who in actuality need every aspect of their empty lives to be slathered in a post-iMac brand of safe, white, emasculated, horn-rimmed feel-good, yummy, dog-friendly helplessness. I'm sorry, I won't shop anywhere unless it's got hardwood floors (or at least polished cement), has a winkingly quaint brand developed by a boutique ad agency that suggests depth but is just gen-x ironic dress-up, and is run by cool people who share my same narrowly materialistic self-important worldview. Ooh, salted caramel! How novel!

It's funny to see how a group of people raised to be apathetic have decided to engage with the real world now that they're getting older. We're all doing it wrong.
@10: ty
@13: damn, son
#13 owns

that sign encapsulates why I hate Capitol Hill quite nicely

Today, I was riding my bike and I stopped by Lake Meridian Park to read a book and listen to Hole's "Nobody's Daughter" (most excellent).

Sitting in the center of the grass amphitheater were two dudes -- maybe 20 and 17 -- with a blue glass vase shaped object with some tubes, coming out of it.

Oh yea...it's a bong! And this is a family park with bar-b-quers and toddlers playing near the lake.

I guess Kent is more norml than you think...
@13: TL;DR
Man, throw a couple of fixies and a pit bull on that sign and we're done.
@13.....that's pretty Epic....i approve
@13...somebody needs a motherfucking hug..
@13 Let's talk this out ... you are in a dark place, girl.
@17 HAHAHHA, you poor little ignorant person...

That's called a hookah
You actually smoke tobacco out of it, people frequently do it in public and yes it is legal.

drugs are so scary aren't they!!!?? ....even when they're not....
ahhhh runnnn awayyyyy
The vegan hemp soft serve is ok - way too sweet for my tastes (as is Molly Moon's - Bluebird has way better ice cream!), but a great option for those avoiding lactose.

The Heavenly Hemp smoothie, OTOH, is amazing, especially with a spoon of peanut butter in it.
@13, Why don't you go join a fucking monastery or something, and leave the superficial pleasures to us.
@13 Well I guess I will have to speak to my taste buds about being too conformist then. Most of the places you listed off have awesomely, delicious products that are served in pleasant, aesthetically pleasing atmospheres. Also, last time I checked none of them were engaging in practices that killed babies or puppies. It's called a fucking business model in case you were wondering.
#26: Actually, Smith, Oddfellow's, and Zaw do engage in practices that kill puppies or other small animals. Cupcake Royale, Blackbird, and Molly Moon's just cage and extract fluids from them. Healeo seems to have very ethical business practices, though.
I nominate 13 for Slog post of the year so far. Truth rings out.
@13. You are my hero. Period.
I like cupcakes and I like ice cream so I'm going to go to Cupcake Royale and Molly Moon's. I guess my sweet tooth wins out over my need to be original.
@30, Funny because the way I see it, these places exist so Dwell magazine subscribers can have safe, alternayuppie-owned sanctuaries where they won't have to congregate with dreaded normals... It's the crippling need for the tech-class to be 'original' in the first place that created the market for these places. Life on Capitol Hill is completely, insidiously, disingenuously branded - prohibition themed bars (truly retarded), dive bar themed bars (with the same investors as the upscale places), condemned artist loft themed condo developments (with parking garage though), independent themed starbuckses. It's just sad to see alternative culture turn into something with no meaning, just an ocean of winking self aware Disneyland bullshit. And adults shouldn't eat cupcakes.

...And you'll show those shallow people, won't you! You'll write a post on Slog!

Ha ha ha... Take _that_ you apathetic gen-x ironic dresser-up'ers!
@31 I can't possibly take seriously anything you say if you don't think adults should eat cupcakes. You're clearly fucking crazy.
@33 that was a joke. :) it's all a joke really. I just miss the old Cap Hill
@31- While some of what you say is true (prohibition themed bars are retarded) there are too many real injustices in this world and things to be seriously sad about than stuff white people like.
@27 Well in that case I am disappointed they have decided not to put the dead puppies on the menu. I bet they would be delicious and tender.
I'm confused...is the soft serve made with hemp, or vegans, or both? if it's one of the latter two, i'm down.