Betty White on SNL


The muffin/NPR sketch was priceless.
The goodness wasn't just due to BW, but also due to TF, AP, MS, MR, and AG.
Basically the sketches with the women were lol funny (Muffin, Census Taker). The ones with more guys not so much (MacGruber, Spanish talk show, Scared Straight).

Given that most of the writers on SNL are middle-aged straight white guys whose idea of humor consists mostly of hackneyed gay jokes and prison rape it doesn't surprise me the best they could manage with the comic gold of Betty White was horny old lady dropping f-bombs. The women's sketches on the other hand had a bit of subtlety and didn't jump to the easy laughs.

Last night's SNL was mixed bag, but still one of the best in years. But it still makes me wonder who Lorne Michaels is blackmailing to keep this sadly outdated show on the air.
The "she's a lesbian!" skit wasn't funny at all, though. "I know, let's have an old lady say 'lesbian' 20 times in 2 minutes!"

Otherwise pretty damn great!
SNL is bad and unfunny polemic.
(Oops, forgot to include RD up there.)
With Lorne Michaels's comic sensibility and instincts, I get the impression that he fought having Betty White host until the bitter end.

It's truly amazing that Kristin Wiig is the only female among the official, non-featured cast. She's also the funniest by far.
Completely unrelated, that you said you were seeing La Cage Aux Folles in NYC Dan? Don't know if you've seen the stage show of Priscilla (much better than the movie) in London, but it's coming to Toronto in the fall...if you're there giving a talk you should check it out.…
The Digital Short's not "cleared" yet, I think meaning the extra check to Andrew Gold's people is still in the mail, but I did enjoy this as well. h/t Dlisted:…

And as for Lorne Michaels supposedly needing to be convinced to let her host, do we know nothing about publicity stunts? "No, I'm still pretending the big night with Betty, SNL Famous Alumna, and Jay-Z is not a good idea, thanks."
Actually, I jus' read an interview with Lorne Michaels where said he has asked her to host on at least three different occasions. She turned him down each time.
What a refreshing change! Betty White: Come back soon!
Reportedly, SNL invited Betty White to host in the 70s, 80s, and 90s but she always turned them down. After the Facebook campaign, her manager reportedly convinced her to do it for the fans. So I doubt Lorne Michaels needed much convincing.

I bet whoever started the Facebook campaign, assuming it really was just a fan, must be absolutely tickled pink. One of the few times that these "I bet I can get a million people..." Facebook groups actually resulted in something.
Isn't it time she received a Kennedy Center Award for being such a national treasure?
I guess you have to be in the right mood because I cried from laughing so hard. I thought the whole thing was pretty darn good. I loved the first MacGruber skit with the Poocaso and little penis joke.
Seemed like an awful lot of "here's a character you already know, but this time it's with this week's host doing it too" going on (a popular decision on SNL). I loved the digital short, as usual. All in all, it was a funnier episode, but that probably because of the same reason Betty was hosting with 6 popular SNL alums and Jay-Z: it's May sweeps. They are simply trying harder.
I wish all the women from the past were still on. I miss them all.
@5 I'd say the same about your comments
I agree with 16, I love the old cast of SNL. I was way more excited about seeing Tina and Amy back together, though Betty White was a nice touch.
really? dan savage, kinkos is disappointed in you.
If she was a guy Mr. Poe would hit that.
I'm sorry, but I wasn't all that impressed. The jokes were all either a) let's get the 80+ year old woman to say a dirty word, b) let's throw her into a recycled sketch with old characters or c) she's OLD!!! GET IT?!?!

Yes, she was good -- but the writing didn't support her as much as it should have. SNL is far closer to death than Betty!
What CrackerJack said. Only the Census skit at the very end redeemed an otherwise very formulaic (see CJ's a/b/c breakdown) episode.
Have you guys been keeping up with the Seattle Sucks thread?

Here's a good one:

Lazy, entitled, arrogant. Truly a wasteland for people from small towns who have congregated here and think its cool. Compared to the dumps they came from yes. The lack of hygiene, the over emphasis on tats and piercings. The cheap cheap cheap nature. They are thin skinned. Don't take criticism well or have a sense of humor.
Hmm... how incredibly off topic. Thank you, though. You do know that many people who participate on SLOG don't actually live in Seattle, or even the Northwest, right?

Don't blame me...I'm just tracking the Vox Populi.

Like this guy:

Seattle is the equivalent of a 1976 Fort LTD with rust spots, a shot carburetor that won't allow it to go over 45mph, and no muffler, yet whose owner insists is superior to anything else on the road.

Seattle cannot manage to even implement the most basic services, the work ethic of the locals is on par with a third world country, the weather is overcast to the point that people suffer S.A.D. in the winter, and the local culture trends toward introversion, passive aggressiveness, oblique communication sytles, and vaguely hostility. Despite their supposed liberality, the Seattle majority prefers nanny-state policies around social idiosyncrasies and yet, ironically, cannot seem to prosecute violent criminals and completely condones the right of mentally unstable homeless people to obtain concealed pistol licenses.
@25 Oh, I'm sorry, I mistook you for someone who wasn't a troll. My fault. I'll cross the next bridge down the stream.
@25. Glad to be of service.

You might also enjoy Nobody's Daughter Rocks:

Who is this douchebag?

The great thing about Mr Poe is that he scared off all the trolls...

and, women need to take over proof that the old saw about women not being funny is a gross canard but one that SNL has always been one of perpetuating with its emphasis on white buys from Harvard brand of comedy...
@23 &25: Yeah, so I followed your "Seattle Sucks" link, um, I'm thinking it didn't really prove your point, as the poll is currently sitting at 13% "sucks" and 87% "rocks," and those aren't like the rocks under your bridge, it means "really good," in case you were confused.
And now we know that Tina Fey speaks Greek in addition to German. And that's a writer.
I do agree that way too many of the punchlines were "oh, hey, Betty White's old! isn't that funny?!" But that said, she kicked amazing amounts of ass on the show, and while SNL is one of those programs where it takes a while to appreciate the full reception, this was one of the best episodes I've seen in a *long* time.

Short version: Betty White absolutely *killed* *with* *no* *mercy*. Jay-Z may have been the musical guest, but everyone knows who the real gangsta was.
Woops my post @30 was a gross canard polemic, and I lost it.

Anyway just watched the show, and yeah, with those great alumnae on there too bad the writers weren't up to the task, for the most part. The Univision skit wasn't funny, and have seen it before, though I liked BW's dancing.
ooo your muffin just squirted in my mouth
I thought the skits worked BW in as well as possible (@22 best use of BW was definitely the census skit) b/c the woman is near 90 f.f. sake!

@4 yes, that was by far the cringiest of BW's performances...clunky dumb, writing--- agreed.

So Supreme...I think if you use a visit a drug store, you can get rid of that vox populi, especially if you liberally apply it to your polemic.

It was wonderful to see the SNL alumnae. Having Ana Gasteyer back on for an NPR satire was great. The opening sketch also had me in stitches.

But the short had me howling and crying at the same time. The only skit that fell flat was the McIntosh talk-down. That I could have done without.

p.s.: Dear Supreme Loser of Your Mum's Spare Garage Apartment — You clear haven't gotten around much. I'm less defending Seattle (where I do not live, though have previously) and more just pointing out just how many other shittier places there are — including much bigger cities both in the U.S. and outside it. Get out more often. HTAH + HAND.
I watched it and Betty White was great, but the skits really were not that good and besides Betty, Amy, Tina and Molly there was zero talent on the show.

Though the Muffin was the best. And salty too!
It incorporated a new phrase into my day to day language: "Wizard. Of. ASS!"

And "you're barking up the wrong lesbian".
There was one inexcusable infraction last night, They cut a Debbie Downer sketch!!!

I thought the "she's a lesbian" skit was hilarious. Very sublime.

Every time she said it, I laughed harder.

i thought it was great to see the way SNL incorporated some of betty white's classic old standup bits.
If the sketch from which the pic was taken is any indication of the rest of the show, I won't be in any hurry to watch more. It's terribly unfunny. Betty has terrific on TV for almost 60 years (anyone else remember "Life With Elizabeth"?).
Fun seeing the past female cast members :):):)

1 or 2 funny sketches (secretly enjoyed McGruber)

However, the constant and irritating gay jokes, racist jokes (esp. against Mexicans and Chinese) and mediocre writing made the overall show suck whale balls...
I think Betty White was the best thing to happen to a rather tired season of SNL. At the very least, she proved to be a lot more exciting than "let's try to spend YET ANOTHER show trying to make a flavor-of-the-month starlet seem interesting."
I love Paul Rudd, I think he's hilarious! Betty White is the newest hit thing right now too! She's all over the place with her hoodiebuddies, tshirts. calenders, cameos, and now a staring role in this remake...I say go for it! Betty as God could be GREAT!
My post is regarding the movie 'Oh God' btw....kinda looking forward to it if they end up doing it