Slog Happy Ice Cream: The Poll


please don't put ginger or basil in ice cream.
I like that strawberry, Nutella and peanut butter is in the lead. You can call it Strangeberry Nut Butter.
It's irrelevant. They couldn't use cheap and plentiful banana with Nutella in a vanilla ice cream base (when you've had the two together, especially in crêpes, you'll understand after you clean up your puddle of joy). And it's irrelevant because I won't ever be able to try whichever candidate wins.

Good luck, winning flavour candidate! Hope you win!
@2: Strawberry has no business in ice cream. Strawberry is the most mis-used and abused fruit ever. Strawberry only works when it's fresh and at room temperature. You can dip it in a chocolate fondue, put icing sugar atop it, or go straight up. But all the frozen "treats" and flavoured drinks (invariably with kiwifruit)? What a taste mess.
Ice cream gives me mad toots, y'all. Don't let me near it.
I demand a recount.

Even if my choice is winning.
Thanks for my laugh o'the mornin' Baconcat.
What about Jizzy tissue and doughnut?
How exciting, my ginger/honey/sour cream combo is tied for second. I will confess that strawberry rhubarb vanilla, w/ the specified French Vanilla style stipulation, does sound tasty as well. Easily a poll where everyone wins.
@3. Yes^100. Nutella, banana, & vanilla would have been the best....
D'oh, I mean, a tie for third place. Go, ginger honey sour cream, go!
pb, nutella and sour cream have to win
@4 i'd argue that cherry is the most abused and misused fruit (or at least flavor) of all time. yuck.

i can't see the choices because of a work filter, but i'm an ice cream purist in general. weird flavor combos don't interest me. and don't even get me started on ice cream that you have to chew...!
Yeah that must BE some nasty stuff if my work filter has blocked it.
doesn't anyone remember the awful 'strawberried' peanunt butter m&ms? strawberries and peanuts just don't go well together. stawberries and nutella i can see because of the CHOCOLATE involved in nutella, but the whole peanut butter aspect is just silly.
I have to say I'm pretty disappointed by this list. I was really hoping for something with rhubarb, but those combinations sound awful.

@4 You are so right. Strawberry should be enjoyed as a fruit, not a flavoring. That strip ruins Neapolitan ice cream.
Since I can't eat ice cream, how can I use my powers for evil?
By sprinkling thai basil on everyone else's ice cream, Baconcat.
@14: It's that as fruits go, cherries still taste fine if frozen. They are abused as maraschinos, granta, and even artificial cherry candy — while not the taste of cherry — is light years more palatable than its fake strawberry counterpart. Cherries are at least mildly acidic, giving a fresh bing or rainier that bite.

I think I understand why: strawberries are very fragrant as fruits go, and when you bite into a fresh strawberry, you're tasting through your olfactory senses probably more than your taste buds. Other fruits can deliver flavour via taste more than smell, but case in point: shipped-in peach versus late summer local peach. The latter wins, in part because it's so fragrant. Rrrrrgh. I love peaches and am now violently allergic to them (thanks, OAS!

So strawberries only taste like strawberries to me when at room temperature, a bit warmer, or a bit cooler. It manages to hold up respectably in strawberry-rhubarb pies, mostly because there's a sweet-tart offset. But no other fruit I can think of loses all sense of its natural flavour characteristics when frozen as strawberries do. It's like they become a red, pulpy something-else.
@18: Double-dose some Lactaid that day.
I think something like peanut butter, basil, coconut, and a little bit of chili would have been good for a Thai peanut sauce/basil thing. Maybe only if it were vegan, though. Dairy doesn't really go with Thai.

But strawberry, rhubarb, and vanilla? That's pretty boring y'all. Strawberry, Nutella, and peanut butter is worse.

Strawberry and basil is an awesome combination, but I'm not sure if it would quite work with Thai basil.

(I know, I missed the thread where we were suggesting combinations. Oh well.)
I make a dessert where I macerate strawberries in balsamic vinegar and sugar. I then add mint and cracked black pepper. Serve over vanilla ice cream. Trust me it is amazing. As such I voted Thai basil and strawberry. As for that bosh that strawberries and peanuts don't go together. My favorite jam with a pb & j is strawberry.
I don't care what flavor the ice cream is, as long as I can get it in a "Will in Seattle Waffling" Cone.
I still can't believe you don't have bacon ice cream on the list.
@24 - excellent choice.

Just avoid the Fnarf sprinkles, you don't know where they've been ... and you don't want to.
I like that almost a thousand people have voted on the unique flavor all twelve Slog Happy attendees will be able to enjoy.
Cannot wait until the trendy skullfucking of ice cream is over and I can get a plain chocolate scoop again.