iDouche Redux


I've seen MUCH WORSE in clubs. They make belt buckles with LED's you know right?

This is just more of the fashionable iHate and hipster hate.

tres lame.
I was there, he was like a gay iPad-waving unicorn.
It was... well, I mean Noc Noc has it's cast of characters, and along with bike shorts wearing, high kicking guy, it makes the night complete...
Matt Hickey's not off the hook. It probably was Matt Hickey. Unless this was Saturday night because I saw him then at the Unicorn while I was waiting for a corn dog, using his iPad, of course.
A bit of harmless fun.
@1: Well, at least the belts are hands-free. There's just something extra lame about lugging a prop.
@4 - Matt Hickey is many things, but bald and in his 40's he is not. Nor would he dance with the iPad, if he's dancing with electronics it's a camera which he uses to take pictures of pretty ladies and, inexplicably, me occasionally. Leave him be.

But isn't that what Apple products are all about?

If everyone doesn't know you have one, what's the sense of buying one?
I love Apple products and I still think this guy is a d-bag.
Maybe he'd be hip if he was sporting a Sprocket.
If he's going to be doing that, he should at least wear the iPad on a big neck-chain like Flavor Flav.
I like iPads, and I'll probably buy one (although I'm old and cheap, and will probably wait for the second generation version).

That said, this guy is a douche.

Dancing is about you and the person/people you're dancing with. About the music and the sexy. It is emphatically NOT about iPads.
I thought I saw Paul Constant there that night! Mystery solved.
That just sort of makes my gums itch. I vote Asshat.