Out With the Cheesy, In With the Vegan


Such an awful space, fingers crossed.
I miss Club Lagoon. The whole place had a very "This Place is Owned by the Russian Mob" feel.
It wasn't set up with the car when I lived there. I was there a few months ago and shot a few frames of it in Kodachrome. It means visual record of its "legacy" will outlive all of us and our grandkids, too.
Speaking of five-star reviews... I could have sworn there were some negative/just-ok reviews left for the Squid recently. Did those just disappear?

Hoping that Highline gets off to a strong start. The last six or so months of Squid and Ink were not-so-inspiring.
RIP cocaine lambo. By far the coolest thing left on broadway.
anyone else think it's weird that a vegan restaurant had "squid" in it's name? Or that anyone in their right mind would want their food associated with "ink"?
@4: Oh, you're right—except those weren't reader-reviews, they were comments on this post. Seems like people tend to agree with you...
i had a really really good night in that fur lined boat. RIP club lagoon.
@7 - Thanks. You are correct.

I really do have my fingers crossed for the new place.
That speedboat was amazing! It was like being in an impoverished Jay Z video.
Hopefully Squid and Ink will get it right at the new location; I kept wanting the previous incarnation to be better, but they struck out twice. Overall, it seemed like they were a bit hot and cold in terms of quality:


There's at least one useless review to be found there, however: "I gave a one star only because they are closed - I've never eaten there." Way to hit them when they're down, champ
Wait... There was a place to dance on Broadway?
I was one of the peeps praising it in the review section 2 yrs ago and lamenting a more recent downhill turn in the comments on here... I am excited for them to get a new start and am hoping for the best! The yummy, vegalicious best. :-)
I'm excited for the Squid guys - every time I went there, it was excellent! Hands down, the BEST vegan food I've ever had! Lookin' forward to getting to Seattle and visiting Highline!