Frank Frazetta


Thanks Frank for all the great hours looking at your work.
So depressing.
Nooooooooo, I loved his dudes, they were like my first spank fodder. Well, I know how I'M going to honor him tonight.
Man, Frazetta's people were the ultimate come-on. When after a determined campaign (extremely determined given what I have to work with) I found out eventually what sex with hardbodies was actually like it was such a letdown.
Well that sucks.
Ugh... There goes another part of my childhood.
Bummer. Rest in Peace, Frank. Or with barbarians, whichever you prefer.
He probably heard about Lena Horne and decided life wasn't worth living.
May the afterlife be filled with hot bodies in chain mail bikinis, good sir.
Nerdspank sadness everywhere I look.
The Meatcards recreate-a-Frazetta-painting contest is a fitting monument to his work.
Frazetta paintings could almost convince my teenage self I was straight.
He sure could draw an ass.
@13, I don't think Frazetta ever met Will in Seattle, let alone draw him.
Frank Frazetta made me feel like it was okay to have a big caboose, w/ his paintings populated by super strong men & buxom babes. His art was alive & passionate in a way that few other painters' is. He left a few rough edges, a few details unsmoothed, in some of his most important works. There's a sense of playfulness & passion in his paintings that his imitators will never have.
I haz a sad.

I bought more than one book as a teenager based solely on his cover art.
@15 - no, actually, I met him a couple of times. Once at a Westercon and once at a Worldcon. He was a nice guy, kind of distant, but you would be too if everyone was in your face all day.
I assume he's going to be set adrift in a raft and have that raft set aflame by flaming arrows, viking-style? Anything less would be a travesty.
His Viking funeral? Set adrift in a raked, customized Ford Econoline Van with the mushroom side windows, mag wheels, and the entire rolling fantasy emblazoned with his artwork. I will drive with neon green fur on my dashboard for the next ten days of mourning.
Damned. Used to buy his calendar every year. Guess all good things end sometime.
@16 I love the way Frazetta drew women - his girls had butts, and boobs, and even a little belly fat. They looked like they could survive childbirth, kill monsters, and actually thrive in the fantasy landscapes where they were placed. They were otherworldly in a way that Boris Vallejo's women never were.

However - now that old Frank is gone, there is going to be a hell of a fight over the estate.