Get Your Ass Off the Couch


In a way, we already live in a green economy.

Even if it's a transitional one.
Dear unpaid intern: if you live to be an old lady, which may be iffy, you will then realize why old ladies are sometimes known to be reluctant to throw out stuff. After 50 years of throwing stuff out, you begin to make yourself sick with the amount you have added to the landfills and the oceans of the world. Me, I don't even wear pantyhose, but I am having a lot of trouble dealing with the amount of plastic trash i've put into the earth. You're young, one would guess by your flip tone, but you'll see. Even the dumbest of us begin to see sooner or later, lucky or not. Best to you!
Dear Unpaid Intern,

Please ignore the previous comments. It seems obvious that wseacat was born without a built-in sarcasm/irony/joke detector. Not only that, this is SLOG fer corn's sakes, flip comments are not only run-of-the-mill, they are damn near required by law.

If wseacat wishes to read straight-up news (re: boooring) she/he can go peruse the SeaTimes.

Yer pal,
FYI - I think Adam Kline is in District 37...not 36.
Multi-color plastic bags make better scrunchies.

And Sara's right.
@2, I am an old lady by Stranger standards, though I am slightly younger than Savage. And us old people can be flip- just look at Dorothy Parker!
I hope that was supposed to read "voluntary simplicity." The way it's written is making my head hurt.
you all are right, i'm a dope. my tone in comment #2 was ridiculous. BUT! the point i FAILED to make: at this stage of my life, I'm sorta horrified by how much garbage I, just my own little self, have generated and put into landfills or on garbage barges. Sorta horrified. that's really what i should have said.
stay flip, i loves me some SLOG.