Are E-Books a Two-Horse Race?


It's not in the long-term interest of Publishers to restrict access to a couple of outlets. This will create parity among multiple outlets over the next few years.

Snickers as he uses his Barnes and Nobel reader software to peruse e-books on ASUS Win7 netbook.
There is already an App to read Kindle books on an iPad. It doesn't take a huge leap to assume that there will likely be an App to read Google books on the iPad too.

Versatility is why the iPad is 100 times better than the Kindle (or any other single-use reader device).
Timothy is correct.

I'm waiting for the next app to make eReading on an iPad even better than the current apps do.

My guess is that people will find technical fault with it, but the Consumers who are the target market of iPads will gobble the app up like bacon-covered hotcakes.
Steve Jobs weren't born yesterday; Apple has already taken into account all contingencies/possibilities...

Apple has a host of Steve Jobs on the lower deck that they replace every 3 years.

(spoiler alert)…

The only problem with the Steve Jobs cloning project is, to accelerate growth, they used human-animal sweater hybrids.

And after seeing what happened in SLICE (cast includes Adrian Brody), I fear for humanity. And huwomanity.
The quality of the reading experience with the ipad is irrelevant, the point is to be seen using it. Millions of people will find that life is intolerable without an ipad. Of course, millions of people can't live without a 52" TV.
@3 There's already an app to read Google's ebooks on the iPad -- it's called "Safari", as Google has already said their ebooks will be online-only. Not sure what this means to people without a 3G iPad who may want to read a book on the go.

However once Google's service launches it'll just be a matter of time before people figure out how to download the books and convert them to other formats like epub.
Why on earth would Apple be TRYING to "catch up with those two"??!!?? That's just not an area they're particularly interested in. The iBooks app can already read tens of thousands of free EPUB titles.