Dan Fanelli Can Spot a Terrorist. Can You?


LOL! Awsome!
He's scared, and he's appealing to scared folks. And that scares me. There ain't no telling what a scared person will do.
Yet another wimp who lets his own pathetic fear preclude all other considerations, including the Constitution, basic human decency, or any standard of acceptable civilized behavior. They don't want to live in a society, or a democracy...they just want to be Safe.

Their frightened ignorance disgusts me.

@2: Exterminate millions?
grayson sponsored the bill to audit the fed with RON PAUL. put that in your pipe & smoke it, baggers.
at least he's honest
@6: Define honesty.

Honesty in his earnest stupidity?
Or honest in his stupidly earnest message?
God, when did stupidity become such a valuable political commodity?

Also, the irony in the fact that he's using actors, _who are not terrorists_, to show you how you can spot terrorists based on their appearance is threatening to make my brain explode.
"Damn it, Chloe! What do you mean I can't just throw A-rabs into Gitmo?"
"Dan Fanelli Can Spot a Terrorist. Can You?"

yes cuz 99% of the time, the terrorists are People of Shit Color!
They addressed this clip PERFECTLY on the Daily Show:

Skip to 4:20 for the whole thing, or just to 4:57 for the money shot.
@10: what did the guys who committed the second worst terrorist act in the US look like?

I'm not even doing this to be politically correct or anything - assuming that you know what terrorists (don't) look like means that you might miss real threats.
Wow. If your shit is the colour of Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, or that IRS flyer-loser, then you might want to see an enterologist.
Those who would sacrifice their liberty for safety shall have neither.
@ 12, 13 - wow three whole white guy terrorists over the last 20 years! My assertion still stands: 99% of the terrorists are People of Shit Color. People are waking up and they aren't afraid of the white-guilt liberal PC police anymore, haha!
I share a similar ability with Fenelli; I can spot a desperate political hack a mile away.

This is the full quote:

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Which is important to point out because sheer anarchy is just as oppressive as any fascist state.
cut his balls off
He isn't saying he supports picking out the actual terrorists. He is saying he supports profiling all middle eastern people.

Ultimately this is more important to his base than actually stopping terrorists. If you want to stop terrorists you might want to profile white guys with buzz cuts along with brown guys with beards. He really just wants brown people to get fucked with at the airport so they feel less welcome and leave.
@19 - indeed. See, for example, our anonymous friend at @15.
I'm Dan Fanelli, and I'm a racist.
he says: "stop invading our privacy..." hmmm, who do you think he means by "our"?

Also, dipshit @ 15: (People are waking up and they aren't afraid of the white-guilt liberal PC police anymore)

also also: @ 11...muchas gracias!
Do you think the "terrorist" actor can look his family in the eye?
That terrorist is kind of hot.....
Wait! If he's with those terrorists, why isn't he arresting them? Why is he hanging out with them? Isn't that what's known as "palling around with terrorists?"

And how can you fly a plane with a bomb strapped to your chest? Anyway, isn't that a bit superfluous?
Is there an Arab equivalent for Uncle Tom?
@27: win
That was awesome. I'd even vote for Gregoirre over this nutcase. Well, maybe I'd write someone in.
29, Fanelli is the kind of Republican candidate that the WA state GOP usually puts forward. A latter-day Ellen Craswell, or any of the nutcases they put up against McDermott. Even Dino Rossi would probably pull this crap in Eastern Washington if he knew it wouldn't find its way west of the Cascades.

I would never vote for a Republican - they're corny - but it would be nice to be tempted to vote for one.
i am so sick of all your comments.maby you will understand when you grow up and find out that not everything is perfect i give this guy Aplus he has some balls.Everybody is writing it is wrong but I bet you when you go on plane and see guy from middle east you are praying for him not to be a terrorist if you say no you are a lyar.I my self am from Syria and it sucks that most of the terrorist are from middle east but i would do what it takes to be safe.if it take second look at me so be it.
The point of his commercial is missed by you guys. It is not a matter of skin or what a person looks like that should cause attention. Only certain kinds of people should be looked at more closely like those that have connections to extremists or other terrorist groups or certain countries known for terorism, or possibly those that look suspicious, but not good descent people.
I think Mr Fanelli should forget politics and go with his greatest strength; solid gold satirical comedy!
"I'm Dan Fanelli and I approve this horseshit."
"and so does my horse."