Unlikely Bedfellows



The illustration rocks, but where is Scalia's buddy Clarence Thomas? After all, usually Thomas' only remark at conference on pending cases is, "I'm with Nino."
Maybe they're just friends, saving money by sharing warmth?
Someone needs to tell the gay-rights activists that everything isn't about them. McKenna is doing what he always does, which is argue for the law as it is currently written. The fact that this is inconvenient when it comes to health care is a separate issue.
is that the official represents-all "homosexual agenda" spokes-cartoon in the center?
@3: You aren't really clear on this whole activism thing, are you?
If you drink enough Stranger kool-aid, then whatever floats your boats over there is "left" and "progressive", and whatever you happen to dislike is "right" and "conservative". And then when reality intrudes you can call it "unlikely."

Almost makes me want a couple hits of whatever potent shit you're on over there.
Something about pots and kettles, elenchos. Or in your case, mostly pot.

So, that guy is the middle is the idealized gay guy of 2010?

No, the "pot" news is that Sensible Washington has a campaign person for the Fremont/Ballard area.

Oh, wait, sorry, @6 @7 - you didn't mean that?
This is kinda silly. Scalia is not my favorite person in the world, but he definitely has a method to his madness. In this case, he's on the righteous side, but the conservative movement isn't known for it's maturity, and I don't know if the right can deal with mockery. And the left could can afford to be a little less smug. This illustration, while funny, doesn't serve a productive purpose.
The gay agenda is a bear? Oh. OK, cool. I just never got the memo, that's all.
I would totally do the one in the middle.