Today in Technology, Tablet-Shaped and Otherwise


I can't believe Playboy is still in business.
How To Be a High Tech Recruiter

1. Tap into those hip new social networks like "Linked In" and contact me about a job.

2. Even though my whole resume is listed there, ask for a copy.

3. Then, ask again, after I've sent it not once, but twice.

4. Ask me to schedule a time for a phone interview. Then say, you're busy and pick another time.

5. Call me late and ask "were you supposed to call me"?

6. After a profile on Linked In, and two resumes have been sent, ask me if I have a particular skill set as its the "only important one for the job".

7. After I tell you "no I don't have that skill", say "well we'd like to stay in touch...are you on Linked In?".

Man, Urgutha wins this round.

That said, the iPad will still win. Oh, you'll cry, you'll moan, you'll say your tech is better than that ...

But the market won't care.
@3 Yeah, that's what Steve Jobs said 25 years ago when Microsoft was kicking his teeth in. Do you really want to be on tjat side of the argument?
While you children are arguing over who's got the cooler little toy, I'll continue working away on my 2 YEAR OLD HP tablet.

Hm, I wonder how many apps I can run simultaneously?

Let's find out:

Chrome, Photoshop, Skype, Winamp, IE, Word - nope, no problems yet - iTunes, Audacity, Excel...heck, I'm starting to run out of desktop icons to open! And everything running just fine!

Salt, meet wound.