Sixth Grade Gaga


That kid is totally getting laid tonight, but needless to say his timing is going to be lacking.
My sixth grade son and ninth grade daughter each thought he was fabulous. Although, neither knew the song or Lady Gaga's work, both are more interested in listening to Nina Simone, Miles Davis, and various symphonies. I can't even get them to enjoy Buddy Guy. *Sigh*
What a voice! I enjoyed watching the reactions of the girls in the audience.
His description says it was for the "edmonds 6th grade talent show". This kid isn't from WA is he?
That girl under the microphone looks SO BORED.
So good. You go kid.

I was thinking the same thing.
@5, she's wondering if the gays will get over Gaga during her lifetime.
That blonde girl in the back totally has a crush on him (now, if she didn't before). What is wrong with the other girls? They all look so bored. I never heard the song before but I still know that is more entertaining than what you usually get at elementary school talent shows and assemblies. Enjoy it.

I have to assume whoever posted this on youtube has permission of the boy, but I bet they don't have permission from all the girls in the audience and I sort of feel bad for them, since you can clearly see their faces and they don't come off too well in this video.
Lady Gaga is so horribly overrated. This kid, however, is amazing.

He's a songwriter, too -- and a good one:…
@9, sometimes by the time this year's talent show rolls around again you've heard that kid a dozen times and his delivery never varies and you're tired of hearing how he admires Celine Dion's stamina so.
Holy shit, why doesn't this kid have a record deal instead of Justin freakin' Bieber?
Regarding the original post, I suspect some scout will scoop him up and deliver him from suburban monotony if that's what he wants. Or at least I hope-- I'm no music expert but it seems obvious that his talent and preparation are impressive. Plus, you can't teach that kind of performance quality. Go kid, go!

Also-- why is everyone so cold to Lady Gaga? I guess every pop star is overrated, but considering that the bar has fallen so low for pop music, I'm glad that someone is raising it again.
@13 He's going on Ellen on Thursday.
sucks to be the kid with your juggling act who has to go on after him.
Next up, the lawsuit for royalties on a public performance of a copyrighted work. Does every tween kid have to have Justin Bieber hair? Get off my lawn, hooligans!
@ 2 "both are more interested in listening to Nina Simone, Miles Davis, and various symphonies. I can't even get them to enjoy Buddy Guy. *Sigh* "

Don't worry it sounds like you're doing a whole lot of things right. :o)
He needs to be pulled in for Glee.
Thank you, Bassplayerguy. You made me smile.
Thanks 18. That's exactly the comment she was trolling for. Gratz to all involved.
Very cool...thanks.

I knew who Lady Gaga and Pink were before this year's Grammys but had never seen nor heard either of them. I liked Lady Gaga better than I figured I would but thought Pink was a much better singer and entertainer. I'd take either of them, however, over Jay-Z. There's actually one slight redeeming quality to being part of a human centipede; you could give Jay-Z six thumbs down.
This kid is great! But his performance exposes what a truly weak-ass songwriter Gaga is.

Somebody get that kid some Nina Simone records!
He's so fucking adorable, lolz!
Holy fuck. Sixth grade makes that kid, what, about 11 or 12 years old? Totally amazing for a kid that age.
Love it! Love the look on blondie when she hears his pipes!

Now then.... What is up with the GaGa hate? WTF have any of you haters ever written that's even close? Nothing. Your "journal" is full of shitty songs that you wish you could get someone to read, but no one gives a shit. LG never asked for your approval, never will, and she doesn't care who the fuck you are and that you hate her.
I hope you have a beautiful day, evening, or night, Bohica.
That isn't boredom on theri faces. It's envy, admiration and astonishment.

As to his timing. Great job finding a flaw in a 6th grader's amazing public performance, critics. What would we do without you?
@9 From the description on the youtube video, it looks like the kid posted it himself. I doubt he thought anybody other than his friends would see it though.
"He had such a great voice, and then... puberty."
i think that video is pretty much peak culture at this given moment in time
You go kid,

Once he hits puberty its all over.
Watching the gaggle of girls behind him...priceless!
Maybe if he had sung "boys, Boys, Boys"..
This is one talented young man. I hope we hear more from him. Good luck, kid.
I love Nina Simone AND Lady Gaga. This is not a zero sum game people.
I'm not sure if this is more impressive as an example of a great young talent or an indictment of Lady Gaga.
I'm no expert on puberty in boys, but his voice is pretty low for a 12 yr old. I'm not convinced puberty will ruin his great voice.

Kid is awesome. Gaga is awesome. Let's go back to hatin' on Beiber.
Awesome voice. But watching it made the part of me that remembers being an awkward middle schooler want to slap the bitch face off that girl with the dark brown hair.
@39: WTF? Grow up. You STILL a middle schooler? Wanting to "slap the bitch-face" off a young lady is pretty fucked up.
If middle school dosen't destroy him then high school will try harder to do so.
The pertinent features of lady gaga's music are that it is catchy and danceable, not that it is technically beautiful. This kid is a great singer, but his version is neither catchy nor danceable.
He's got Beiber hair. This is my only criticism. But yeah, he should totally go talk to the blonde in the back row.
@42 This version is exactly the acoustic version Lady Gaga did.…
don't hate the players
hate the game
so is gaga a dude?
Do you love me Papa Ratzi?
All the snide commentary aside, this kid is great. I'm not familiar with lady Gaga's music so I can't say how it stacks up to the original. He did a marvelous job singing and accompanying himself on the piano- not an easy thing to do. I actually applauded when he finished. Good for him.
Too bad it was a Lady GaGa song...
Since his school seems to be 98% female, I'm sure he'll be fine.
The adorable blonde girl in the back looked like she was about to pass out from her adoration. This kid is great, I hope his pipes stick through puberty and he keeps being able to do what he loves well.
already done…
this kid is from where i live Edmond, OK. luckily for my wife, she is the drama teacher and musical director at the high school he's going to attend in a couple of years
Wondering why so many people have to first point out that "Oh, I've never actually heard any of Lady Gaga's stuff, BUT..."

Oh, please. You've heard it. You dance to Love Game with your blinds down.

Wondering why so many people have to first point out that "Oh, I've never actually heard any of Lady Gaga's stuff, BUT..."

Oh, please. You've heard it. You dance to Love Game with your blinds down.

That was amazing! He's got a great voice. Also, very brave of him.
@4, the school is in Edmond, Oklahoma; not Edmonds, Washington.
He's so cute! How much do you bet the gay rumors are going around?