SL Letter of the Day: Whatever Lifts Your Luggage


Must have been a slow mail day at the Savage Love inbox...
And isn't this what Slog is all about, people sharing their anatomical particulars accross the interwebs...awwww ;-)
This reminds me of an AC/DC song.
Do your balls hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Can you time them in a knot? Can you tie them in a bow?...
But how are the partners of these men supposed to know that they are the type that get off on having their balls played with and not the type that dread it? To be safe, I usually just avoid them until there's some kind of conversation about if that's a like or dislike... but there's definitely always that "should I/shouldn't I" in my head.
I want to say "people need to communicate more", but then again, I suppose I could just ask...
I woke up from a nap for this?
i think dan has a few of the emails i sent to him while drunk, maybe he could run one of those ...
am i the only commenter that totally wants to help this guy out by lifting his HUGE balls while he fucks me with his ample cock? Am I a total whore or just a run of the mill geh for immediately getting a bit of a chubby whilst reading this?
So... the girlfriend who cupped the luggage was the source of this 'problem?' I don't get it.
Do they make some kind of half jockstrap for this kind of thing?
@5, uh, yeah, you should definitely ask. Or he should speak up. A good way to broach the subject is to tease your way down there during a bj with your fingers or tongue, and then look up and say, "You like that?" As long as you're gentle, I'll bet 99% of the time the answer will be yes. Why would you cut out this whole area of pleasure due to an unvoiced fear that he'll freak out?
As the Duchess of Windsor suggested: "Never complain, never explain."
"I have huge balls (they hang down literally lower than the tip of my also pretty big dick)"

I'm pretty sure everyone's balls do that.
@10 frankly, I have yet to hear of a single thing a woman could do with her mouth or hands (carefully) on that end of a guy that would make him freak out. Maybe not particularly get off on sure, but freak out?
@10, @13 -- I DID have a guy freak out once. Not for touching his balls, but for touching his dick. We were fooling around, and I reached down ever so lightly to stroke him, and he responded by swatting my hand away and telling me to "be gentle!!". For starters, I was being gentle, and also, being a teenager at the time, I carry with me that fear of being yelled by someone else. That night was my sole "bad" sexual experience, but damn.
The older I get, the more I hate a braggart.
@5: "But how are the partners of these men supposed to know that they are the type that get off on having their balls played with and not the type that dread it?"

Do they have balls? Yes? Then go for it. They either like it, or don't yet kow that they like it. I've never heard of any man who "dreaded" having his balls played with it.
Huge balls = not sexy. Check, please.
@12 I'm afraid you're wrong. My balls barely hang at all, and the tip of my dick hangs well below them when it's flaccid. Just sayin'.
sounds like he's let his buddies swing freely so much that they've stretched and not sensitive anymore. My hubby has lots of sensitivity and he keeps his balls nice and snug in tighties or boxer briefs. Just a thought.....
I had a partner once who wouldn't let me touch them. It happens.
Pics or it didn't happen.
There should be a rule: Any guy with a big dick and an even bigger nutsack can NEVER, NEVER! use the word "anywho."

I so move.
@22: Seconded.
@22/23: or thusly any dude regardless of their dick to nutsack ratio.

'cause "Anywho"??? really that is just.. gah.
Men are allll about the big balls. WHY? NO ONE LIKES THEM EXCEPT YOU! Noone is impressed by the size of your balls! What good do big balls do me? No good at all.

Once my friends grandmother said "Caralain, never date a man with big balls. They'll slap against you and make the most disgusting sound ever. Turns you right off. remember that".

If I wasn't the straightest human alive, prolly woulda turned me gay. Which was probably the idea, seeing as she was one of those cool old lesbian grandmas.
Was this a complaint about his sexual needs, or just a way to slip in a brag about his cock size?