"Yes, he can talk to fish. But that's not all he can do, folks!"


Aquaman is the d12 of superheroes. And that is the nerdiest thing I can think of to say about him.
dc sucks. always has.
Superman could also fix the gusher at the bottom of the ocean. And Batman could build something to fix the gusher.

Also, what does Aquaman drink when he's thirsty? I guess I just don't understand why Chris Farley is such a staunch defender of Aquaman. Hi.
Excuse me, Superman ruled the world, not just Metropolis. I'm sure he could kick Aqua Man's aqua butt any day of the week.
@3 superman's repair ability is debatable to me: what happens when he's a mile deep underwater, away from the influence of a yellow sun?
The book was canceled cause wet pages have smeared ink.
@5, excellent point. I suspect he'd use his super breath-holding abilities and be REALLY fast about fixing the leak. Or he could just borrow a nuke from Russia and be done with it.
Because Aquaman has one of the quite literally suckiest costumes evah. And the ability to talk to fish is probably one of the stupidest superpowers evah.

At least Prince Namor can fly - through the air - and doesn't go all limp biscuit if he spends more than 5 minutes out of the water.

Just sayin'...
Seriously, Entourage picked Aquaman for its fake movie, because he is fucking ridiculous.
He lacks a wedding ring. He appears to be well north of forty. $10 he lives in his parents' garage apartment.
How many a-list heroes have managed to come back from limbo half that many times? sounds pretty awesome to me.
So Aquaman is really more like Dr. Doom? He has enslaved whole peoples? Isn't that wrong of him?

To me it seems wrong. Somebody should kick his ass.
No comic sells in appreciable numbers anymore. Aquaman comics, like Iron Man comics, are loss leaders for the IP rights.

Aquaman has appeared on TV in one form or another almost nonstop since 1967, starting with his own animated series on CBS (spoofed on Spongebob as Mermaid Man), Superfriends, his appearance on Superman: The Animated Series, recurring appearances on the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series and his current recurring role on Batman: Brave and Bold, where he is voiced by John "Bender" DiMaggio (and funny as Hell).

He's one of the most recognizable superhero characters in the world, and still moves a lot of merchandise, though admittedly nowhere near Spiderman or Batman levels. Mattel must have Aquaman figures in at least 4 different toy lines on the shelf right now...

The only good version of Aquaman is from Batman: Brave and the Bold.
Aquaman was my first crush...
It's 'sea-MAN'!
Why would living in the deeps grant you toughness? There are jellyfish things down there, and worms. They don't have bullet repelling skin.
Namor was much cooler than Aquaman, and he could fly too.
@17, unlike sealife from the benthic regions of the oceans, Aquaman's Atlantean people are amphibious and can survive at many levels of atmospheric and hydrostatic pressures. Living there didn't give his species their toughness - they are among the last remnants of an ancient magical race able to survive in the deep due to sorcery.
@2: DC is 90% crap. Sturgeon's Law applies. They've done some good stuff. Birds of Prey was usually pretty good in the Simone era. Blue Beetle was a lot of fun.

Of course, Vertigo is the real reason for DC to exist. :P