ACLU Calls for Videotaped SPD Officer to Be Investigated for Hate Crime


The OPA is toothless.

We all know that.
I thought Mexican Piss was just a code word for Corona?
how is this a hate crime? if he had said wetback piss, that might be construed as a hate crime.

this is good ol' fashioned police fucking brutality. where is the FBI on that?

oh, words - crime!
kicking an (innocent) person in the head - not a crime!

douche bag should be stripped of his badge and ass raped. then his tears would be real and apology may be somewhat heartfelt. let's get real, he was only sorry cos he got caught.

til then, i'm completely disgusted w/ the city, SPD, OPA, and FBI.
"Mexican" is a racial slur?

The ACLU is soooo full of shit.
This whole incident is unacceptable. Police officers need to undergo regular testing for adrenaline levels. Although some are just plain bigots, others are adrenaline junkies.
Just think how many times stuff like this, and worse, happens and no one knows! If the person who took the video wasn't there none of us would know about this incident!
Let's hope justice is served in this case because we all know it seldom is!