I (Heart) La Casa del Mojito


shhhh, we're trying to pretend lake city doesn't exist.
I also love La Casa del Mojito. I would have your users consult the yelp reviews with average of 4.5 (out of 5) stars, with 84 reviews, rather than 3 reviews in the Stranger. http://www.yelp.com/biz/la-casa-del-moji…

Order the Parilla de Luigi...one of my favorite dishes in Seattle.
Mr. Villa is also right there, and they rule...possibly the best Mexican in the city.

Yep, not a bad corner. And @1: This isn't "Lake City," it's Roosevelt/Maple Leaf. Just happens to be on the road that leads to Lake City.
The last time I went there, everything was off from what I'd experienced previously...the place was dirty, food was merely okay. But now it sounds like they've recovered the Mojito Mojo. So I'll be back, for sure.
Do you have to pay Lindy West every time you start a blog post with "Oh my God, you guys!"
Maple Leaf 4 Life.
Wait, Paul you were at La Casa del Mojio and didn't visit the Fantagraphics office? We are three houses down from that place. We're all disappointed!
I'm with you, Paul! They served a rosted half-chicken that is delicious and garlic-y. With some tostones, rice and beans... Fuck yeah.
Did this place change hands? When I was there maybe five or six years ago, there was a beautiful, bright mural of a dancer on the outside wall, and now it's all yellow. Anyway, it was great when I went then.
I recently noticed that their second location on the upper Ave shut down. It was almost too good of a place for that street.
Spot-on reviewing is the one superpower weed does not grant. This is why I take Stranger reviews with a grain of salt. Every mojito tastes great when you're baked.
it's "batida", not "batido".
even your regular Stranger review has it wrong.
milkshake in Spanish is a femenine noun, not a masculine one.

i don't make the language rules... you can check how they write it here: