What He Said


So far from on my radar - I'm a little embarrassed. Thanks for the chance to get up to speed even if for a moment.
Congrats to the happy couple.

Sucks to be South Carolina.
Jenny Sanford hits the campaign trail, maybe, possibly to try to replace Mark as Governor.

Mark Sanford hits the Appalachian Trail. Maybe, probably, again and again and again.

Ha, payback's a bitch.

I wish Mr (and Mrs) Sanford the best. I'm sure he didn't plan to hurt her, and I'm sure she's suffering. I hope Mr Sanford's belle won't be a third victim. I hope this all ends well for the three of them.

Just a hope.
He's still a cheating fuck.
I thought this was all lovely... until I heard that his ex-wife is giving an interview somewhere today talking about the affair. This is just Sanford's counter-programming.

Ugh. I just wish he'd shut his trap. I don't give a fuck what he does in his private life; I just don't want to know about it.
I wouldn't want to know about his private life either, except he's one of those Republican holier than thou assholes. And he hurt his kids for his own selfish bullshit.
I said about the same on gawker when they acted so shocked about this non-story. I mean who cares really about a lame, term limited a-hole governor who is divorced and free to sleep with whomever he wants like so many other losers. He vetoed SC lawmakers' attempts to raise the cigarette tax this week because he thought they should have lowered the taxes somewhere else, when the whole point of the cigarette tax increase was to increase the budget shortfalls.
Look, having read everything about this guy (because I'm kind of an omnivore with reading material) I'd have to say he's probably got some sort of personality disorder of the narcissistic variety with a slice or two of OCD on the side. Jenny Sanford has multiple examples of this. The part where I kind of lost sympathy for her was that she had multiple examples of his issues before she opted to marry him. She wasn't some kid fresh out of college, but a grown woman with an established career who should have been able to recognize what she was setting herself up for. Heck, maybe she's got a personality disorder too. Do we really care if this guy is with his supposed "soul mate"? He's just going to find another one in a few years when this one stops making him feel special.
Per the soon to be Ex-Mrs, he didn't want to repeat the vow of forsaking all others. Uhm, clue anyone?

"Darling, I love you. Will you marry me?"
'I love you, too; yes, I'll marry you."
"Great, I promise to father children upon you. Sit in moral judgment of others, but you're okay with me taking out the part in the marriage vows where I forsake all others, right? You'll still keep in the part about obeying me because I believe in conservative, family-friendly values. I just don't think it is reasonable for you to expect faithfulness from me, but you should be above reproach, okay?"
"Uhm, your kidding, right darling?"
"No. You never know when I'll meet my real soul mate, but you are the one I love for my political aspirations, isn't that great?"
"Oh, you love me. Well, my parents won't understand if we take out the foresaking vow, but how about if you cross your fingers on that part? Okay?"

Women who are too stupid to read the writing on the wall deserve men who hike the Appalachian trail, have their luggage lifted, and all of the rest. These are the women who should grow a pair of ovaries and even a tiny iota of self-esteem before they get married. Ugh, these women so irritate me. "Poor me, I didn't know that he meant he'd cheat on me when he said he couldn't stay faithful. How would I know that was what he meant?"